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YSTL: Should the Rams seriously pursue Brett Favre?



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Thu, 24 Oct 2013|

Scott Ostler and Mark Purdy both believe Brett Favre is a better option than Josh Freeman or Kellen Clemens.


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So Purdy thinks that Favre is coming back honestly think he's he's not coming out party this is -- -- The good news is we've got podium -- not afraid to use it I don't poses a cooking show a little data points for creativity. Which certainly be creative to have Brett Favre -- 44 and but it's ridiculous. We all know it's ridiculous but pace probably better now that Kellen Clemens -- thirties so why -- everybody -- -- that way is that unrealistic. -- Bartolo local -- I hope that helps all of you how much fun I think Georgia -- played was in this boy when you -- -- haven't heard or Josh Freeman. Clemens who is actual options are and yet you know another guy who's thrown his name and Jeff Garcia who's 43 and they -- as soon after Snyder Jeff Garcia in the neither of those guys. All right so if you're the Rams GM right now your actual T. Shirt -- to reconsider before I would actually since having got -- and and run through some drills dusty would confuse him while he -- he said no he's not interest in -- -- we used to go -- and Jeff Garcia -- your step -- I'd go after the guy that really wants to play that I don't think -- I don't think you wanna talk somebody into playing quarterback in the high sense and I got to check -- Jeff Garcia exactly -- -- I don't know it well he says he he says no way probably also -- as the Rams have 500000 dollars in cap space left and that's pretty much in that doesn't need any more money now you have it just JaMarcus -- off the -- -- -- -- off this -- a little while. And that would that would not work.

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  3. heavyweight champ Cain Velasquez joins us now you take a junior DOS Santos is this the final time you two will fight. I think Favre Favre for a long time will be you know I think. Especially this fight. You know you I want suicide against turner may be

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  12. coaching staff over there getting bogus all the guys that really truly plant. Had a great time it would win every one. Pressured Favre was was all personal. Ravens the best ones I think. It below that day weren't. It's tough and when you have to be maybe

  13. time with us. What gets more traffic in front of them. Yeah it's usual for us goalies. Could walk him on gorgeous you know Favre talked him. Well hopefully you know I'll anything our place Just couldn't move and you know you have confidence or you

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  15. Bay Packers. You guys Bubby Brister. For us claimed Brett Favre . Appear practice. And I remember Greg Robinson might defensive coordinator turner look at as. If Brett Favre plays half as good as Bubby does it became clear through

  16. about 1933. And in this movie. Drinks delicious we'll learn how to make when I hear a little bit guys that four shots. Favre had a wardrobe. To a double would be eighth the double would be games. Give her serve double now never got our own her teammates

  17. Beating Tom Green. From Colorado here. In line. A lot of movies. All we choose choose the good. I'll look at it in. I Favre it was a great experience because life. I'll learn from right from the and I grew so much from me enough. Cool maybe that

  18. think we've just been you know I don't local ordinance no reason why we're where we don't deserve to keep it and UCL Favre takes his rookie season. Struck last two years to the Patriots top two teams. Plus You have a good defense did you you know

  19. that. You know malls back up quarterbacks young as he has no weight in the Just like kind of like Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre and I'm not compare and Alex and an inbred or Aaron Rodgers camp but. I think that most second string quarterbacks

  20. that's and one of them right now and those regular. Games surprised. They're probably of you also forgot the best and Favre to be just the presumably it was ago was great running game would have to assume like hundreds and so had a school. On purpose