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7.25: Meet the Rookies: Nate Byham, RAW



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Sun, 25 Jul 2010|

See the full, uncut interview with 49ers rookie tight end Nate Byham.


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-- Is pretty emotional. Reaction -- It's been something that and hoping for for years you know as an entry and play kindergarten. The draft -- and being able Conklin came 49ers. They're sort background. And I'm not really on the jump from Pittsburgh. Area I girl watching the Steelers as a kid is and that's. I'll -- but I mean I know of -- once great franchise. Porn actors are net like -- matters that they came on the West Coast to the -- those are kind of always -- That -- -- -- now you know -- Jeremy Shockey and -- always looked up. Slightly crazy. -- mean -- get it done the job. Now -- -- that is all you can still lose the dirty player. I mean I'm angry and owns them very you know I don't do not in my players myself poking it in the bag and that. And -- and get the job done. Well. At L players yet. Mean I get a lot of nice marker and there in the news I'm blocking tight end that he's really -- people and he's really not that but people today I'm on. Remind myself and then hopefully accurate it is. Not earlier liability. And that. -- What did you know when you're actually look -- see no -- so why people. Off. Lot of high school. On the top receiving guidance and people that day. Out as small block you know I was only 63. To that -- and it that I will eaten it couldn't hear me out of the block anybody. Got a lot of criticism on that and so. I just -- tomorrow but we're gonna aren't getting bigger and stronger where I'm awful work for a market and a did you. I just evolved into -- -- and identity and bigger and stronger and I just have this really. Brilliant brilliant Obama -- -- great coaching and that just came into place and a lot of time on the senior in college. I was known as part of the blockers and that's proceeding at Denver's next. Door secretaries that worked out well. Alberta native is -- well written in. -- What do you. Yeah I mean he's already getting a lot of great it is a lot people. And Anna -- knows -- secret plot of a lot of other people look at him as. They're great receivers and we'll by people what he needed to and he has all the little tricks. He's been -- for a couple years now where he's developed their own little tricks and -- put her hands and how to get this. Eaton place though -- in -- as -- -- -- only count help me yes. Now with the life. So are not much time working closely. Great I mean. Of offense that so I don't see too much indoor practice -- -- that. But the key meetings -- you it's just the whole morale of the team has real nice up tempo because coaching the. -- attitude that you stats can expect from us. Now do you eat did Monica our motto my -- all these people that. Yes definitely and I think that's why. That's why I was drafted by the 49ers because you like guys who are tough physical stature and got there and don't don't tell me tell me you know -- on the field. Correct calls. Now I have been any better so party. He really is -- it sort of taking the under wing -- -- more -- campus. The. And pretty good I mean. Does this blockers -- great group of guys there's no one who really standoffish order. Arrogant whatsoever think they're better than anyone and everyone is one camera in there and I mean they -- -- welcomes. And welcome and and treated grade so. If -- states somebody be on the hill but it. I played with -- for three years University of Pittsburgh so -- night at -- out here that are now -- -- good friend to help me. Held out everything -- adjustments to. -- -- Ops he -- let out here when you look for. -- here or nothing about it. I have not. I just seeing pitchers and silly then just knew about it and actually -- -- the -- last weekend and did the whole that the whole city pain is really cool I really there. I would immediately what it sort. Of. Every man now as. Lombard street union square. The qualities it out trance near woods and other old favorites so critical. You have any special talent -- -- quality so that he. And a half. -- equal -- now my job and it has been a lot where you call a lot working very hard at this point so when I'm not doing something people auto related. It was just relaxing and watching movies and read books and study and you know they'll. -- now. They look we just awesome what what sort of adjustments have you made you know Yankee game actually -- certain that he -- between policy. Well the play of the playbook here differs. Tremendously from what I need to do not think a lot of adjustments line. The play book itself and then all our calls as well I mean it is normal. They blocked with and the tackle work not a Packers completely different record. You'd have to remember all the calls on working up to other guys and and make it caught out of I know what that means there's more adjustments on that angle then. Today we like lineup sideline -- -- even. More so you know. What what was that like that you get a good rest and we're here. Yourself you know TD. Long term yourself get on the dvd -- that. Happy and content. -- I'm content to -- India will contribute in any way possible you know it's. They need me to lineup -- runs routes that's great I'm -- and to do it and gonna keep working on my routes. My advantage and I'm -- -- at all probably a good receiver and their short intermediate range but. I know that on the block it and that's what -- Baghdad. And I don't -- not at all we have two guys who are great receivers as well as also blocked. Inflated. -- so I think it's wherever that is that. Now what do you expect from frank -- -- -- anyway. So. Any great -- a lot of great at. And he's always not a 100% out there and it only hit it right now notepad he's an all under percent. This has bronzes and that's Italy depict tank. Yeah special pregame rituals -- anyone carry over from college textbook. Now not really mean ice and get runners and -- where every game I don't care and other that's that's the plan not a hitters sluggers. Probably my senior year college. To Alter our -- -- -- about being college by a couple of years -- the leader and had to make sure everyone else who's. Straight in at him any nerves though the kinda. Somehow -- until the start and that was in here really happy because even subconsciously there's fewer games. My senior college where did so. We'll see what happens hopefully not. I'll now are there any do you honestly didn't hit it wouldn't matter if or do. Arm. I'm acting is pretty -- did you London. Don't -- travel. Play and play it. That is true conjures excited of the year and it will play in the game. One in my arm and excitement Cardinals and relatives friends on that game at platelets in college and from that so I -- -- -- now he didn't it apparently -- -- let this year's not so I issues. Yeah I really don't terms of the don't really read. Probably get on the changes -- ball that night that really so. I really had no idea that I -- it or don't -- -- -- softly and are announced carry over the season. When it's time to play all year ago. What is your goal we're -- efficiently what is your goal there it's just. I admittedly don't make -- -- knowledge and trivia and at the Cano it is admirable but whenever yet. I know it is them. Here. What. But. I mean -- a lot of different things -- country music -- rap music. Barack -- old school rock and nearly everything at I really do it all -- every younger music really and they. -- not. Check Miller my death metal and you know anything out at hallmark I thought militant. But I don't talk -- relax. Yeah. -- Actually yes. Agents speculate there's no gas stations in California you know I had -- on the -- -- -- can adequately -- Andy -- up on my driving around like. Twenty minutes kind of funny gas station and stuff. -- there's like no little corner starting catcher in February things like real spread out little -- -- -- -- I didn't act like economic embargo by opening up more gas stations. Yeah. Now off. A little bit uber you know. Grand Prix it is you know -- -- -- Yeah my grandfather Marat he's pull. I'm Pat's the man he raised it from. Pretty much Barrett and all throughout high school college and still mounting as huge influence in my life. -- took me in as a child and more me as a man and ultimate cherry and Holy See to -- happy go down -- who really helped me guided me. Through a lot of tough situations and really think that. I was. -- I'm very emotional state that is that that the court draft it was emotional for -- Is Saturday there appeared. You know at army is is really happy Forman is. Added Diane McNulty right there's problems Patrick and know that. He did a good job raising me got into -- need to be. You know us in the garage when he -- -- here either. You know he's good they're playing time. That's -- that I mean I'll hot and -- whenever he wants to be an alien couple games he has he says it plans on coming to our roster. Quote from years. -- liked him. Bloody noses. In contact and hit them any time it went in there. You know talk about an. -- Yeah I mean that's coming out he went on in the game you know. As a person I'm pretty laid back my personality -- laid back and it kind of goes low and mind our business but. What a good time to pat her on you know -- but I look switching. It's yes I just wanted to somebody who's arms like and make -- -- and all animal. And that's how you gain respect you know I'm at the net while we're now and -- that amount and it wouldn't knock guys around like a wasn't call at least this year and -- been -- develop. More but -- and -- and he didn't know that whoever it my way it's partly can mount much miceli from anybody so. It's mentality and at 11.

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