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10.11: ATL/SF Postgame- Nate Clements



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Wed, 16 Nov 2011|

Matt and Mindi talk about Alex Smith's contract status.


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Now America many thought week eleven in the NFL the 49ers to be ready to play Arizona Cardinals their first division games and this season opener but. Personal business take care keeps coming up with Alex Smith. -- very strong solid play is will he get a contract for the end of the season you've written a lot about this on CSN Bay Area dot com and really the question is yes. The answer and Alex yesterday -- well is now there's no reason to do this using one -- -- after the season. In I mean look at it look at the offseason they had last year Alex Smith. Pretty much I had agreed to come back to the 49ers. During the lockout -- even before the lockout and during the lockout that one day at lifted. He had all the playbook material -- PowerPoint material so there is a level of trust between Alex Smith. Jim Harbaugh Trent balky there's no reason for him to. Think about anything else other than winning football games of this stuff can be pushed off until January the court and harassing or about February. That's where that that's the standard is set right now and they're thinking. They they can take this thing as far as it being sorted out as the February something's gonna work out of the 49ers want Alex Smith back there's no way he's gonna -- right now. The way he's he's going about his business. Before and after walking back. One game at a time one game when it got it long contract that attack but also you know is another. Question is what about -- tempered if the branch signed Alex Smith to an extension after this season what is at Siena College after. My response of that is that. It that they it's still open ended and they're gonna go with the quarterback who's the best quarterback and Alex Smith I think it's into the corners organization as a starter. -- no matter what his role was because he's the kind of guy that he's given you up for the job. He snapped an idea of locker room politician. He's not going to be the guy who's trying to undermine. The quarterback he is the perfect mentality to be here -- quarterback whether it's a back up role. For a starting. All right to groom calling cap -- if he did in the off season not knowing who the starter would be. Another personal looking for contract and he said that he certainly wanted his agent to just take care of this little troubling. Because Carlos Rogers looking. For contacted 49ers he says he wants to be here but the numbers a little bit too high at this point he had a spoken to league sources who say that Carlos Rogers. Wants to be here obviously he said that the forty hours of Juan Carlos Rogers here but he is thirty years old. In as a quarterback. And we went your legs start to go. You know you lose steam and -- we saw that with Nate Clements and foreigners gave him -- long term it's a long term contract as a free agent. And his play went downhill. Well Carlos Rogers is a good player of the foreigners acknowledged that. But Carlos Rogers and knowing that this will be the last the next contract he signs is going to be the last big contract he signed. He's looking for a little bit more releases agent is looking for a little bit more so those sites are for part right now I think that could be troublesome and the reason -- says his you don't want that. To ruin the chemistry has right now because of the two sides are far apart he'll want that to get in the way this season and Carlos Rogers and -- such a great chemistry right now with his defense. Right now I don't want that to stop on something has nothing to do with his play. On the field well lastly we gotta talk about the game -- there -- titles and uneducated as we get the first Asian games he mentions since the season opener at. And not give us like about a trap game I really don't see that you and I talked about this for this team they -- so well prepared and is just standing just to let you know if the division game it's a rental game. Yeah I don't think there is anything any such thing as a trap game I think. Good teams. Win games bad teams lose games I -- so I -- I mean the field 49ers of the eighties they never trap game they go out and they. Beat up on the opponent in front of and that's where I think this 49ers team. Has I mean I don't think there. Looking back here patting themselves on the back -- the Giants win I don't think they're looking forward to Thanksgiving and Andy. Two or Duncan or whatever they're gonna have him in Baltimore they got to play football game. I think if they're gonna prepare the same way. They do every week and that's learning I think you might actually help them they're the face of the team at 314. They're there learning about all the did that -- -- new losses of the -- are going to be facing us in on the new assignments that they have to. He to -- they have to prepare for so this is gonna prepare. Like they always do -- second and I can say that they're gonna go out and play great game. We don't know but I don't think it's this track has anything to do with the what's gonna happen on Sunday motivation is -- -- for one game you pick up a Lannan in your division opponent definitely drops on as well -- like each other either. Out of the foreigners don't like the Cardinals -- a lot of any individually they -- there's a lot of guys on the team they don't like Darnell -- game one not to name names. But so yeah I did this today yeah they're they're again they're gonna play the game and not be looked. Ahead there factory and -- the game he's having a guy many thought that you do impress you much of the volleys on CSN Bay Area dot com.

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  15. they must think they have to play a perfect game in order for the the 49ers to win and at the very and it looked like Nate Clements is gonna put. They cap on game with interception but it stops of the six yard line and unfortunately that theme receiver

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  17. the Falcons speed. Specifically. Roddy White against Nate Clements Roddy White had a huge game against the 49ers eight catches for more than 200 yards. And Nate Clements just gonna keep thought it was a game that really led

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    action on defense. So when you look at their sub packages can be twelve brown coming the third quarterback. With Nate Clements sliding inside to the nickel back playing that slot. And then also when they go to six defense of bats as can be Reggie