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7.23: Meet the Rookies- Nate Davis, RAW



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Thu, 18 Nov 2010|

Matt and Mindi answer your questions surrounding the 49ers showdown on Sunday and beyond.


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Second edition Matt and made the we're. What the players practice facility taken oh like break. Up let's talk 49ers. Left tackle. Know Joe Staley -- exporters -- lead. Anything that can affect that the team well. I think there's -- -- -- -- they come up with a big. Blitzing schemes knowledge that he is really really think for strong against the rest that might help them -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He killed and seamlessly and you know he's only been active for one game that he's really an option they have -- -- -- Banged up with us older and a very good and I think will be able Hamlet might their concern now is great tackle they are having an option. For Anthony Davis -- what you really certainly could. Block he'd just been up and down I mean the first game this season Aaron thank you mean he's over -- second game of the season and played really well against the Saints. And it's just it's been that way the whole season. He was. Not good against Chris law and the Rams. I think he'll bounce back and have a a better game this week but now I think you have to start worrying about his confidence level he's played it. Young kids -- young guy. They have no other choice and they have this sinkers -- but they they Davis. -- they don't have -- -- -- -- right there because we can't do you know then played at all this season though I don't know if they're willing to put an -- around there. I think he needs to do well against Tampa Bay but then coming out here -- -- and I agree they've made -- big game for him -- importantly I think that's my biggest concern. Thing you know I think choice and it makes it. Maybe not as important. How. Solid play there because Troy Smith can he can still move around and do some things where I don't think Alex and -- -- -- pretty much he's perfect protection to make plays down the field. And Troy Smith at least gives and that option that. You know that flexibility where something breaks down he can still slide -- -- we sought in this game. Against the Rams -- guys -- -- -- over and he's still making patent on the field itself I think twice miss. Mobility is going to be. An issue worried. Gonna be -- here and it needs before evidently walker back is huge immensely helped another. Thing -- I think Mike Johnson has done an outstanding job giving him what you had to deal with Natalie hadn't stepped in at Jacobs Field -- often try to keep them -- at the pitching quarterback -- -- now playing teams I think he's really. -- underrated and has performed. Very. What do you think about. Mike Johnston and Troy Smith being the coordinator and quarterback long term of the 49ers. Not that the rest there's just way too early I think by Johnson probably a better chance of being offensive coordinator long term. There's still. They -- -- -- loud -- that it went three quarterbacks are gonna be out there at the 49ers. Can sign. You know and maybe be that. That guy who. It is is that next quarterback -- tell maybe young guy and you just last week I thought about it back I might be Troy -- he might he he might be the best free agent quarterback on the market. So who knows he could be. He can be the next day speaking of questions. I I asked for questions like do you work yet -- -- -- Well oatmeal boys says I need to change my game to more. So it could be more dignity. And an -- Here's somebody says. Q heartbreak. And he can't players cut in the -- bring up Nate Davis. No I don't think self that we're weird like he had killed I talked to some people close to Nate Davis. Teams that wanted him for the practice plot -- no other team has wanted to for the 53 man roster if he's he's a project teams know that. Where where natives could get in the picture. Made it for its support asphalt completely out of that late in the season last couple weeks and maybe eighteen meetings with him but but no I don't think there's any if you. Yeah. Any any 122 -- on that kind. You again just play for that time to get Kyle Williams another shot. I would put an active for the past few games that he is healthy. Again got off to promising start this first time he returned last week and it happened have performance they do you think. That thing -- they're they're special teams did very well and he the ball but you know without you there. Yeah hey you know Kyle Williams he started off as the return man had -- -- it bigger injury that kept him out. So they had to go with what bill out of there for a week -- It would head again who started injured. Became healthy again he's been -- I think disorders. Feel like they like that security blanket of having a veteran guy returning plans and kicked out after last year so many turnovers happen. In that phase of the game that I think they would rather take take it they're catching. You know. Making a smart physically to think for that can yeah let's talk about the kicker Adam -- -- -- me. Can be -- kicker or coach and -- 49ers in Buccaneers. -- in games between him just. That it correctly points you and I -- I've written were about as. I think I'll double act and act and doesn't understand -- that. Runner up and I got the bucks or -- they're drinking and that or 49ers went 45. A -- will will get an out. Whatever I'm thinking. But McCain and I mean. It's gonna be a bit of concern don't think guys that kept -- who might have to decide it. He's never hit a field goals -- an NFL regular season game he obviously played -- -- pre season games for the 49ers. He's played and actually wrote a -- your right we imagine the hockey game and it got to have a mind that he can hit it and it very well could very well make the difference. In his game and the veteran with the 49ers even all year long they've been reliant on an -- players. You know different situations you know working car bombing in certain situations over the over the veteran talent though. -- started -- -- what they have role. Texas Raheem Morris on the conference call he made it very strong point to that permitted an appointment is this the Buccaneers last week started seven rookies. So too young he's going to added. To be an interesting game buccaneer -- a lot better than everybody maybe they are. It's really weird because they they a lot of close games that they be -- and probably the 49ers and Carolina have them. But that is to Pittsburgh a lot of talent. And I. Really evenly matched -- buck Pennington well -- I can't think that -- -- Yeah Turkey and avocado when he got. Tickets -- only there's another edition of Matt and --

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