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49ers-Jaguars matchup No. 1: NaVorro Bowman vs. Maurice Jones-Drew


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Sun, 27 Oct 2013|

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What do you like best about the defense sit up there tonight it all my life that we stayed on Reyes know throughout the whole game updates you know last week we. No little complacent with a score of other guys comeback and -- -- this week we -- on it is. No way to score sixty minute game and -- made us proud because you know we have about we come and and and a strong point isn't -- my. A lot of pressure -- Henne was gone really just to contain Maurice Jones-Drew let the -- take care -- -- -- or. Guru okay we've still I would better than room you know so as far as oppressive we don't want. No make doesn't normally give Timmy some spots available Mosul we put together a run do the government I think there was two -- and -- -- -- One thing about his defense is fourteen turnovers of Patrick get to strip the dance studio as a reaction he's -- ranting and for his first career touchdown and they renewed him good defense. You always feel like we have to score at least one time again you know and over there and get them around -- knows how I was career. And I would have reform of the things that. -- take from this defense through eight games now I get a nice break for good halfway point this season what is it doing well what did you like CD that. I think we'll do stronger you know my thing you know early in the season started all blows over I think we're stronger -- -- that we had this trip. -- than those -- a lot better arm a lot of times with -- run the coaches. You know everyone has -- been on the same -- thought -- got about a week will be on the same page and to get this thing room. Last time for me thirteen players on this -- on this team today -- listed on the injury -- his -- this bye week then obviously come at an opportune time -- -- As well native -- guys don't -- playing you know everything we would go to coaches say things to do we do it. And because Dennis generous and Roberts only -- given us that there's also we want to get -- I was you know not part of it too must we get a lot of rest and be ready for the and I think he's safe travels hop tonight.

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    What do you like best about the defense sit up there tonight it all my life that we stayed on Reyes know throughout the whole game updates you know last week we. No little complacent with a score of other guys comeback and this week we on it is. No way to score sixty minute game and made us proud

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  1. promotion judges. I would charmed you know coastal road tongue along with this indecision or. You know someone picked up to Bowman and run and just trying to you know he and he said he thinks. We're the only team to. Have the most returns inside five

  2. performance. Offense defense. Special teams again. opportunistic and made plays and running fast. Defensively. That the person. Bowman . Patrick Willis. The tell which one of them has made in the play there's so good their soul to soul like. We're both

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  4. Talk about the 49ers now and you get a little help because you had Patrick Willis with these big part of a strip the ball loose and one of the big plays. How does that help you with a defense that Patrick Willis back and close to healthy. No us news and it takes a little bit off my You know with

  5. the 49ers defense tidy up the center not allow. The Titans he got to the second level and block Patrick Willis and Navarro Bowman . The 49ers defense should be able to do a good job on Chris Johnson and and set up those third down passing plays and upward

  6. I welcome to our chat on the ball ball and on the at Navarro. Eric we've picked off his third pass of the season he's got more picks than anyone on your team right now but during that you to two guys. Afterwards. Did he congratulate you for block the two guys who did you congratulate him for making

  7. Willis. Causing the turnover Eric Reed recovered the fumble. That was that was outstanding. or caused a fumble and Navarro Bowman was able to recover than Eric Reed. Got an interception force. Carlos Rogers got an interception coroner get a sack result

  8. Any turnovers significant you know because back up our office success. Put some points on the board. No. Those made who who controls in the home news Those turnovers good scores he's sensible things. Yeah Hendry isn't. And it's the last three games just green mile and different. You know they were

  9. spot. Michael will quite stepped up and played very well mostly saw a lot of action in the offseason program because Navarro Bowman did not take part in the offseason program. Therefore will play got a lot of action alongside Patrick Willis will plate did

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  11. the bird game this is. Anybody is the his last things that little ball moved back get a so but I mean I love my man Navarro Bowman is unique it's different in thanks mom. Perhaps it is a great game only thing you can change and into would be like Navarro

  12. To me it's. Yeah. We're our finds an accident bases when you know we start this season you know that's a good. The coaches want you know decides to give back to the basics you know no star this season right disposed. Prepare aware and things. You know today man. All you know I'm missing guys on

  13. the game. Who I thought Percival replaying defensively perfect and staff executed. Extremely Wellemeyer defense. Will avoid Bowman . You mentioned I mean brackets that some great play individual play within the scheme. Office and we had a great plan great

  14. Joined by Navarro Bowman you've had some time off after the game against Saint Louis almost ..... a tough grader and you are. I always said I'm very glad involved Bowman was not my English teacher. The Palo Alto high school through four

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  16. Harbaugh but they've vanquish those memories beating the Rams. 35 to eleven Frank 153 yards rushing and a touchdown Navarro Bowman was terrific couple sacks a forced fumble and the niners are now two and still. And very much back on track. I thought everybody

  17. pro linebackers. The one all pro linebacker who did play it was Navarro Bowman and he really picked up the slack for that defense the 49ers allowed only ..... in the pass rush. Blitzing several times in getting to set so Navarro Bowman .

  18. Okay guys. Injuries all. The you know you. you know play a certain way. He's one. All this is the person who hurt us. And you know really just came. I don't know. Please. made mistake. Is so Just. And where it is and. You just. You know without without all of it without his ability with shoulders

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