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Matt & Mindi: Will 49ers go with Akers in postseason?



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Mon, 31 Dec 2012|

Matt Maiocco and Mindi Bach talk postseason expectations and strategy.


Machine Generated Transcript

At Mayo coming evocative 49ers team facility is they wrap up their regular season with a win over there isn't a cardinals' number two in the NFC which means they have the bye week in the first round of the playoffs and Jim Harbaugh does press conference day giving -- actually more information that he has been a while the biggest news being with David Akers struggles. The team is not ruled out bringing in other kickers for tryouts and possibly -- having two kickers on the roster during the playoffs. For that competition to see who would be better and who -- we -- had during this playoff game. Well I think that to our -- they will be bringing kickers for tryouts and and the fact of the matter is that there are three options and Jim Harbaugh spelled it out. They could retain David Akers after watching what the the veteran kickers that they bring in here to do and in the veteran pitchers we're we're looking guys like Billy Cundiff. Neil Rackers. John -- -- guys who were. -- -- -- out of a job. The other thing would be to keep acres -- seeing what those guys do keep Akers. Bring all those guys in the -- acres in the third possibility sign one of those guys and then have a competition and pretty much daily practice leading up to the playoffs to see who gives him the best chance who is that guy the third most of what. Sitting out there into the playoffs is it David Akers or any potential new guy that they might bring him this is. They're very risk is not a position you want to be and going into the playoffs because he -- that David Akers strictly now we've seen what he's been able to do earlier this season -- NFL. Record as well at 63 yarder bank. This is the time you're you don't wanna be deciding your kicker is because those players have been out of the game so how much of an -- -- could this have on this team in the -- you know. Kickers are or are weird you know it's a weird position. In -- one of the guys that for Eric -- -- considering range and Billy Cundiff is a guy who missed 32 yard field goal. Late in the game against the AFC championship game against the New England Patriots and the Baltimore Ravens -- by John Harbaugh didn't have a chance to go to to the simple another got a friend brought in earlier this year who isn't signed to maintaining. The most accurate kicker in NFL history in the regular season but was just it. Abject failure in the playoffs so I don't think you really ever know what you're getting hit with kickers. And so it just comes down to what you're most comfortable -- and I think that's why the foreigners have stuck with David Akers for so long because. They just didn't think. That's something that they somebody that they didn't know. I don't think they felt more comfortable going outside. -- -- getting somebody else than they did just distinctively David Akers and see if he could work his way through this I tell you Sunday against the Cardinals. Watching him watching how the the trajectory of his kids watching his body language actor's case he didn't look right at all so I can see why. The friends of lost confidence because it looks like David Akers is like lost confidence in himself and. -- so important is the 49ers offense needs to finish drives with points and you have so many points off the board especially if you're going to be facing. A quarterback like Aaron Rodgers Russell Wilson or RG three and your first playoff game you need to get those points on every drive that he can afford to leave them off. Another roster move not surprising however is that Jim Harbaugh did say that the team would officially released Brandon Jacobs. I had on Monday of course he did not play the last regular. Season last three regular season games is he was suspended from the team. The play at all this season I played -- it wasn't very effective -- notices you know he was obviously conduct detrimental to the -- -- to Twitter -- voicing his complaints of his playing time. The coaching staff -- I was told several weeks ago that that Jacobs was done as with the 49ers and done. For the NFL this season and that is the fact because for example place him on waivers. In any team can claim him but he can't play indicate that waivers are decided -- after the Super Bowl so. Brandon Jacobs. 20122013. NFL season officially over and he'll -- -- nowhere terror his body from this season. He'll try to land -- another team perhaps in and played next season but that is. Shorts and a career with the court matters. Over the. In some other changes going around and develop courses in time you're head coaches are fired and new ones are hired zone with four -- I can just artificially Beilein doesn't work then and now it's more wanna relax anywhere on Damon's age now and actually just an hour that I've been away again so we'll start off before this morning aren't -- -- already. Of course that coordinators assistant here at 49ers are going to be. -- some interests and Jim Harbaugh was asked. You know obviously he grant permission of the teams to speak to any of his assistants they'd like -- there is a time line but that's kind of typical in your prime time trying to prepare for the post season. And you also have some of your assistants that me -- me now. Be interviewed by other teams for head coaching position get it to me that the key in this is Tom gamble. Tom -- 49ers director of player personnel barely very highly respected. Football man from the Bill -- tree and is the only comes -- comes from a family. Personality NFL -- so. It if he gets a job somewhere and in I've confirmed that the Jets in the Jaguars have. Have spoken to memories asked permission to talk to so he will interview I'm sure with those two teams. If he gets ahead in a general managers job then he might look to bring -- of those 49ers assistants with him. Another guy keep in mind is David Caldwell he's the same position with the Falcons. -- and a gambler too hot guys in the NFL right now. And their teams have -- -- teams can interview them if David Caldwell gets general manager job. Look for him to to talk to Greg Roman those two have a history and you know John Carroll University so it's kind of it. -- connecting the dots right now to kind of figure out where these pieces might fall. Absolutely of course as the 49ers. Elevated to that ball to get edgy in position in the right Jim Harbaugh they were. Going after the model that the Atlanta Falcons had -- -- and he coached in new GM as well as. The Patriots mean we know how long they've been around Pittsburgh Steelers everyone wants to set up the longevity that continuity that's what teams are looking for. They don't necessarily need to have the big -- to do that right off the top there looking at young talent now and that is something. That's gonna -- well. For other teams that maybe not for the 49ers in the near future. -- yeah that's part of it at that. You're doing business I mean Bill Walsh. You put together good staffs in you you try to get these guys you creative juices flowing in you you walk into aspire -- higher levels and you don't wanna just. Having you know necessarily have a guy who's you know who only wants to be a coordinator and I think and I know. All the foreigners coordinators want to be head coaches that's great Roman fifteen GO -- -- Gradually the special teams were there he's the only one so far has interviewed for an NFL head coaching job now -- that the Colts last year in the Colts hired chuck but Gaza. Foreigners I would like to see these guys get an opportunity. We don't really have -- about players right now because they are off until Thursday and I guess Jim Harbaugh of course saying that he wants to do we maintain that means he engineered just celebrate new year after the Super Bowl. That's what he's asking them so they have kind of requested that the players stay near the 49ers facility. Worked out here they'd prefer them to stay close -- of course they don't have too so the players on their and they need to be back Thursday and Friday they will then have Saturday and Sunday off again. Before that first playoff game for them -- the coaches need to be back here. On Thursday and Friday but there -- here working I've seen in the building thought Tom harassment got a city into the break that not get another. The -- so glad they're still doing work. -- else not talk about we have always talk about this other players are -- anything else to come to mind now allowed just one you'd be tame enough water our viewers to contain him. -- I'm gonna be done well I'll try my best team we've seen this New -- are you that we're wrap up this last day 2012 -- flown by. Unbelievable when you say that as a plane accident absolutely. Okay happy new years -- -- -- I'll be back Wednesday. First -- -- 2013. Is 49ers in a way that it's going to be doing as a pretty quick is there any. For their playoff -- CNN.

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