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1.19: Chronicle Live -- Carmen Policy

Sat, 26 Oct 2013|

Derrick Gunn looks at the Eagles' matchup against the Giants in his latest bullet points, including slowing down New York's attack and getting the ground game going.

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  1. Gore: 'We didn't play San Francisco football today'

    Running back Frank Gore says the New York Giants played better football and the 49ers have to prepare for a tough Seahawks team.

  2. 11.7: 49ers Press Conference -- Jim Harbaugh Pt 2

    Football 's football 's football owners. Well there's two ..... we had good drives. This football team has put together some ..... your own game easy for in new York new season. Yeah hole where ..... embrace that that sounds. Giants error error an outstanding football team everything we've seen

  3. 1.26: Lo Down -- 49ers season review

    Defensively not stopping the Giants in the first half. And then ..... spokesman did you say that the Giants had a great defense because ..... percentage and you say man Giants have a better defense no ..... best defense in the National Football League right now on undoubtedly

  4. 1.18: Giants practice -- Chris Canty

    physical this is not going to be a football game is not going to be for the ..... And we Prada also so do physical football team. From got to give also on ..... give. And so you know the city's football teams prepare yourself. It took

  1. conference defending how is unit has done. In the second half of football games struggled mightily in the second half over the last three ..... to churn out the clock keep those chains moving and run the football well. Even when the other team knows what you're doing.

  2. slower than others promote that there's so many people playing at this pace now this this is the trend. And at all levels of football . So. We're equipped to pit calls and very quickly that it's built and our system that's what we do. Well as you continue

  3. front. I think the type scheme that they run fits his running style. He does a great job with these patients. And run the football and indeed able to pick your spots and pick Soft spots in the defense and you know give insider or were used to speedy around

  4. would like to be would be eight now after playing eight games. I think we're a good spot. Six and two who were playing good football . Then you watch the tape and see things that doesn't team can improve that every coach's. We as coaches can improve that

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  8. Matt Maiocco's Halloween chat transcript


    Thu, 31 Oct 2013

    49ers Insider Matt Maiocco chats every week! Join him today at 11 a.m. for free-flowing football chatter!

  9. offense on November the seventeenth. I think it can't be a football decision I think it's got to be a health decision. And if ..... mean it's not that easy and this is a human problem not a football problem and it's not like they have. Literally missed him

  10. received some good news from a specialist in Los Angeles earlier this week. Who told him that he's allowed to ramp up his football activity I think it's closer and closer to a return to the playing field. As a reminder he's missed all of this season

  11. they love to play again before also liked to have DelHomme anytime you get a chance to get on the field. 1213 minute those football lick our crew those like like the team. We have here him. There you always be on the you bring your a game and I think that

  12. field position is it always is will be a big factor in this football game so. We're we're excited not get an opportunity place ..... last couple weeks I mean this is this is a explosive offensive football team that can gain a lot of yards to put a lot of points on

  13. that's most important part. Yeah. And I think it's great fun. We'll see about and yeah. I don't think we'll. Football I don't lofted it up my helmet and shoulder pads and petrified at Saint Petersburg. What set and ready to go.

  14. Eagles grades vs. Giants : Cox, Thornton dominate


    Wed, 30 Oct 2013

    The grades are in: Cedric Thornton and Fletcher Cox stood out on Sunday ... but there were more than a few Eagles who weren't up to par.

  15. Andrew Baggarly's Giants chat transcript (10.30)


    Wed, 30 Oct 2013

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  16. back Marcel and what's out of your football team because you're up 21 of three ..... He can go. He's the best modern pro football blowing a really high school and Manny ..... why they getting the ball. More to pro football 's most interest in there's if there

  17. alone eleven and eleven on eleven man football ten. It's coming. It's. No sure ..... That there's even if you play good football and then there's room for improvement ..... that going from. It's just too good football player. Good enough to play in. You

  18. really seems to be buying into what Dennis Allen and defensive coordinator Jason Tarver selling. To get their swarming to the football they are creating takeaways and they become the dominant unit on this team that keeps them in almost every game. Raiders defensive

  19. building probably don't know a lot about who. These no name guys are on defense but we got a lot of guys that are pretty good football players I think a lot of these guys we brought in need in here. You kind of have a little chip on the shoulder similar proved

  20. building probably don't know a lot about who. These no name guys are on defense but we got a lot of guys that are pretty good football players. And later today we'll have a special presentation of the 49ers press conference like Jim Harbaugh has to say about