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1.18: The Lo Down -- NFC Championship preview



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Thu, 22 Aug 2013|

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Yeah what we've got Colt McCoy and Seneca Wallace are really the only guys we have a body of work to try to gauge told -- Daniels they haven't started you know now. Oddly enough Seneca Wallace backed up Colt -- and Cleve brownies. Thought Wallace's numbers arguably. Are better. How about them. That's that's how we get rolling here -- neighborhood 957 game ones staring at -- very odd fashion moments ago on a victory you know just little bit. Our thanks for joining she -- 957 game each and every night seven to eleven that's for hard hours of radio would start with his team. The 49ers -- if we get back up in the game most teams figured they're done. But the 49ers got to the Super Bowl to back up last year they're trying and hard to find a back up this year is the message the 49ers are sending they believe they can succeed. Even if they have to go to the back. I think probably the message is more likely the alternative which is we didn't really loved the other back -- guys we have right now if we need somebody to help us succeed. If we have to go to the back happening here you talk about trying to get better every year obviously that's what they're trying to do. But the fact of the matter is under no circumstances will they be able to improve their back up situation. From last year to this year because their backup last year was -- cabinet can bet he's not a backup quarterback. We're going out to the what the level of guys that probably will never be starters in the NFL and that by and large what most backups aren't -- -- -- most backups don't win you championships. And if they are in a game it's not because something good happen -- -- for -- he wears the black Jersey in practices. 49ers are scared the big guy's gonna get dirty -- out of accidental collision at practice cause in the go to the black Jersey so that line doing there's probably back up. Will the 49ers limit designed runs for their quarterback this year so that they limit the number of hits. It'll be interesting to see what their motive attacked he has I think that will probably be part of it I think they can't I think -- it's good to ten. Six seed with a coach because the guy to really -- I think the other reason we'll probably see that go down a little bit is because what defense is try to do you remember you go back the NFC championship game. Against Atlanta last year I think -- grand twice once once. By design -- when that game.

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  1. Who will back up Colin Kaepernick?


    Thu, 22 Aug 2013

    ll probably see that go down a little bit is because what defense is try to do you remember you go back the NFC championship game . Against Atlanta last year I think grand twice once once. By design when that game.

  2. training camps. But I was in the best. In how different really beat for the defense to face Smith who led the team to the NFC championship and threw for more than 3000 yards. In 2011 includes time. For everything and doing you know you're right we never

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  4. Right now. UC San Francisco and Seattle and I see three GM obviously too in the regular season. And one in the NFC championship game and that game in January will decide which of these two as the real bats.

  5. the regular season Davis only seven passes from captured it. But the 49ers needed him in the playoffs in the NFC championship game . In the Super Bowl. Vernon Davis had 100 yard receiving games from Now the 49ers really need. Michael Crabtree

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  10. so. Matt it's been a pleasure they'll have a lot more need to wrap up the season and I don't two seasons NFC championship game is Super Bowl game hopefully next year they'll be able to close it out of it. It's it's going to be tough

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  14. regular season they get about passing touchdown. At all but the playoffs are all new season. All together and just NFC championship game against Atlanta the 49ers gave up 271. Passing yards and three touchdowns to chip in just the first half. But

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  18. t seem rattled at all he thinking about that but really I'll just not any things happen and that kind of you know. NFC championship atmosphere you weren't surprised that he was. It's not a thing anybody was especially So well. You know you know

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