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Kaepernick: 'You have to go out and perform'

Tue, 29 Oct 2013|

Russell Wilson is down a target. Wide receiver Sidney Rice sustained a season-ending injury and won't help the Seahawks from here out.

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  1. Matt & Mindi: Bye allows 49ers to get healthy

    Got me out mini bikes here at Candlestick Park is 49ers wrapped up the regular season with their second straight NFC west division title and it did very well for the 49ers offense they certainly wanted to get things going to do that until Michael

  2. Three and Out: Will Justin Smith be the 49ers' difference maker?

    they're not that bad of the some unfinished business against a team that figures to be their chief rival. Pretty NFC west title . Ian Williams has won this 49ers starting nose tackle position. But he really didn't get an opportunity to play

  3. Matt & Mindi: 49ers need a first-round bye more than ever

    Cardinals again the foreigners have to win to. To win the NFC west and have any chance again regain that number two seed ..... play. As he and of course 49ers still wanna win this NFC west title they will have to do that next week very. Banged up

  4. Morning Minute: 49ers get Seattle's best; Panthers KO Raiders

    one at the defense gave up five touchdowns. San Francisco to bounce back next week against the Cardinals to win the NFC west title . Question was if we do and you know we always we could just. Kind seasoning glad to our fans and you know like we

  1. NFC West : Seahawks' Rice out for season with torn ACL


    Tue, 29 Oct 2013

    Russell Wilson is down a target. Wide receiver Sidney Rice sustained a season-ending injury and won't help the Seahawks from here out.

  2. York, others appalled 49ers fans did wave while Campbell was injured


    Mon, 14 Oct 2013

    SAN FRANCISCO -- The 49ers moved into second place all alone in the NFC West standings with their 32-20 victory over the Arizona Cardinals. However, the team's fan base absorbed a huge loss of reputation

  3. into the season. They're already two games behind the Seahawks. In yards and much too early to start looking at the the NFC west innings but. Going one and three would be a very very difficult hole to climb about it so the 49ers. The they need to go

  4. compounded the 49ers lost their composure in this game and he. Mark went up to the Seattle Seahawks that quest to win the NFC west they took a step forward I mean there's still a lot of football to be played. But Seattle served notice that they're gonna

  5. is not a good matchup for the 49ers offense. The Seattle Seahawks took a major step in their quest to unseat the 49ers as NFC west champions. The Seattle Seahawks played very well obviously Wrigley Field so this a game that they felt like they had to win

  6. 49ers' turnovers, penalties lead to another Seattle blowout loss


    Sun, 15 Sep 2013

    whether it was the crowd or the fired-up Seattle Seahawks defense. The 49ers committed five turnovers, committed 12 penalties and were steamrolled 29-3 in an NFC West showdown that featured two squads regarded among the best in the NFL.

  7. pundits are picking the Seattle Seahawks at the top team in the NFC west . Maybe eighteen gets the Super Bowl do you feel like you can ..... I Navarro I know it's only week two but there's a huge NFC west divisional game how much you guys think it's a possible playoff

  8. Patriots still up there Falcons Packers are I would look at the 49ers in the NFC's team to beat. And then the odds for the NFC west . How you that the 49ers as possible even. If it's different to get to the super I don't understand that you let's get

  9. know all of the Seahawks and 49ers paid for one another but I know we haven't video style now don't Yes this rivalry the NFC west has become one of my favorites across the NFL the call athletic. And Russell Wilson's star in the knew it's match play

  10. depth their young talented football team but offensively he got never score points in this league to win. Are you look at the NFC west and a lot of people say it's a two team division between the forty niners and the Seahawks. Both have been hurt with the

  11. UPDATE: Seahawks' Harvin to undergo hip surgery


    Tue, 30 Jul 2013

    The NFC West looks like one of football's toughest divisions, but the improved Seahawks roster took a hit before camp started Thursday.

  12. League. What do you think of your team's rivalry with the Seahawks and really are they the team to beat your division the NFC west . You know it's a definitely a great rival. You know two great teams. You know we had some battles over the past couple

  13. sit in the pocket and drove the ball. NFC west is gonna be wonderful division to watch ..... Because we have something to talk about your NFC west and he can do it if you look at it this ..... at this division now you look at this NFC west you have Seattle who basically. Is running

  14. Divisional breakdown: NFC West


    Sun, 7 Jul 2013

    With the 49ers, Seahawks, and the improving Rams, the NFC West has become a beast of a division.

  15. Dahl: 49ers tipped plays versus Rams


    Wed, 12 Jun 2013

    on defense on Saint Louis and the mentality was we always looked up. To the 49ers as our kind of you know the staple of the NFC west is is that they knew they had the target on the back on earth. It's the 49ers did and down you know we were out they're

  16. Often it's taken to another level Michael maybe the best and most entertaining division in the NFL that might get in an NFC west . How about that 49ers Seahawks rivalry how was it grown in recent years well that's the bad news because that pick on paper

  17. has done free agency don't look at the NFC west Arafat asking look at ouija board or take ..... Portis someone leapfrogged them in the NFC west I don't think anybody's him into that ..... have to wonder. Whether some of these NFC west teams you know targeted those types of

  18. Keeping an eye on the competition: NFC West


    Sat, 27 Apr 2013

    A complete breakdown of who the Rams, Cardinals, and Seahawks selected in the 2013 NFL Draft.

  19. toughest part of your schedule in the month. I think it is because of the travel involved and also. And you look at those two NFC west game granted they're against at home at Candlestick Park the final year Candlestick Park by the way. Those are two teams

  20. Rachal rejoins NFC West , signs with Cardinals


    Wed, 10 Apr 2013

    The 49ers effectively ended Chilo Rachal's career with the Bears last season. This year, they could face the former teammate more often.