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7.19: Peter King talks NFL lockout on Chronicle Live



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Fri, 20 Jan 2012|

Jaymee Sire brings you back to the lockout when Alex Smith organized the troops for the beginning of what has been a thrilling journey.


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The doubters said they couldn't do it a new coach and NFL lockout no training camp and the same old quarterback. But here the 49ers it just one win away from the Super Bowl. And part of that success can be traced back to some informal workouts last summer it's been a thrilling journey that the forty niners aren't quite ready to end. And to think it all began eight months ago on a San Jose state practice field. Meantime I think you do something like that especially without -- coach's influence when you just don't run around guys refinement from all over the country to be a part of it. Spending time with each other. The question I think that that I thought I was kind of an unspoken. Gained from that. Think -- doesn't help us in shape and I you know not knowing -- to block out. How can who's gonna go. We really just tried to push disheartening to them and make sure we showed up in shape and we knew we had a good group of guys there. The practices proved especially beneficial for guys like Bruce Miller. A rookie changing positions and attend lean against the better judgment of his agent for fear of injury. I wanna miss anymore time go anywhere with the lockout so yeah. I really -- them for him to kind of -- and go ahead -- to go out and work with him. Appropriate leave the sessions became referred to as camp Alex and it was there that the 49ers quarterback. Displayed leadership he's become known bored during this special season. I think it was excellent you know I think -- Alex did a great job on I.

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