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What's trending? On-air disaster, baby hands, doing Twitter right



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Wed, 14 Aug 2013|

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It's time for my favorite part of the program is called what's trending where you go to Yahoo! Sports figure out what all the cool stuff is that's going on -- world of sports and more. And right now all of you fantasy geeks here geared up because you got your draft coming up from AB just add your -- and all the information you right there Yahoo! Sports. You're also got all the information I need right here right now because my best -- knowledge Collins is waving to you at home. Now what's going down you know not I'm sorry I am feeling fabulous and I'm feeling fabulous. Because in our industry their times a week we come under stress and pressure and things happen out of our control -- today it didn't happen to you or me it happened as I. Gotta have good wins right handed so sky sports reporter Nick Collins. With him and all the broadcast at Wembley Stadium before a hot and not sit between England -- Scotland. And it admitted broadcast it took a little bit of a humble take a look at the video. Planning for the is not a nice chip. The community shield going much. I think and I think that you hope never happens here on live television. And that's Barack Obama got to Philadelphia I'm not we shouldn't laugh -- this fort Chaffee was just trying to do his job as someone else didn't do there's no let's listen. I'm -- one up you on this one and I want to take a look at this and this is known as the great lady this when I think beats are British buddy let's -- -- -- one. There. On a -- day. Our own little hole I am -- now how about how -- Oh yeah. -- -- -- Rule -- and she's actually hurt knowing that yeah hard to. That is a different Saturday Night Live event and I think. I don't know how it. -- -- still laugh at this forewoman Melanie you're just rubbing -- in your normal person. I would move on quickly because I just I have to move away from that it's -- always pains me to -- -- -- ladies. Let's talk about NFL offensive lineman Dewayne Johnson he's news -- the Philadelphia Eagles he and his wife god bless and they just have a brand new baby. This baby has an interesting feature doesn't it. Yeah he sure does so -- -- -- -- job and just had a baby he's very day is all. And Dwayne Johnson tweet out photo of this child it can show off his massive hands -- lie at the thought of me. Obama three day old baby and right hands when I first saw it yeah I want for saw that picture that was a little holding him it's not only him. Oh goodness gracious keeping my blame Johnson is 66 but over 300 pounds of so. Maybe he just got it from -- And may -- and big hands you know you know they say big hands big -- big gloves. -- exactly that -- her. Mean I like it you are working together. I miss the let's move to college football because it's huge SEC college football season about ready to start there's one Vanderbilt fans felony that is in a real conundrum evidently they've got to work on opening game day. Preventable so what's gonna happen here. Conundrum I love that word for this fans found out he had to work on this season opener when Vanderbilt takes on all met. So he took to Twitter take a look at fifth Twitter exchange here right now what would you do you have your boss told you that you had to work at night at Vanderbilt opener against Ole miss. Just gotten. A few hours later and none other than Vanderbilt head coach James Franklin -- we -- saying I really well call your boss. Online so eleventh right not all you know you have number tomorrow codes James Franklin. And it James Franklin right back again and give me all pertinent and about what you do where he graduated from why -- the USC's front. Who can fill in for you hash tags. It's always prepared a beloved. That is cool right Franklin had been abandoned me I love -- I absolutely agree with you on that when you and I are simply had to go. You know I love for Vanderbilt in their head coach. That is gonna do it for what's trending well taken Millen would mean that did not know we don't think everybody that's -- struggling.

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  6. the best coverage as the Oakland a's look to finish off the Detroit Tigers turn in October watched on CSN California we have here at 1 o'clock. We do all the way up the first pitch I'm Dave Collins have a great day. Area dot com.

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  10. And she has done Collins Joe's sports correspondent. Always so happy smiley chip Gosh she's so close of the weekend she's just I feel excited just

  11. And a prior probably everything you makes you want out of a second year player. Very. Explosive dangerous player I think Collins doing fine you know he's coming in every day working hard. And and hasn't changed. I'm not gonna get into the strategic

  12. you know has to be Castano. Jets a big problem ready gang it. Anything like that has the test out we're not only human Collins do abundant. Yeah room at the end making zone it's. Pretty much the same. I think it just yeah complete corner happen

  13. now. Our favorite part of a Shell of what stranding knowing Collins not my side are young sports scores the game. Melanie I ..... right there well done Josh Donaldson. Even better by Melanie Collins she's my pal every day right here. They have a great one

  14. Time now with the windy morning minute Collins CSN Bay Area dot com. Good morning on this with your morning minute we start off with some baseball. Giants began their new York

  15. You know. I was surprised. Because I knew Collins knows that. He's more than just the runners he's also ..... thankful that I as a blessing these guys. That we had. But Collins . You know they believe in him we believe in them. So we

  16. ve got a new fresh face Johnny mountain out you need your debut last night at the plate. He's exciting to watch the new Collins is there there first and them. How excited were eating up dancing in the. and you know just. It's amazing experience that

  17. love it. Our guys correspondent smiling as always knowledge Collins . brighten our day you better right now our day you're gonna ..... That somehow I mean anybody and all that dad. Did you Lily Collins are honey not. And I love talking to you to find a patron

  18. right now so. With that being CAA. I mean. You can expect anything. You can you know you can't expect. to go out in. And do all the things that we did last year because this is a new year two different teams Collins a different man.

  19. Yahoo! Sports correspondent. Melanie Collins everybody can. Say well in no money ..... quick once you become not Melanie Collins and right all those things that you'd like to write but you can't under Collins there'd be some freedom and that

  20. yeah I love finding out what's trending over Yahoo! Sports I'd like to know what's going on for the fantasy football but also we take a look. Terrelle Pryor starting for the Raiders and what should we expect to little piece there. They Yahoo! Sports coat check it out. But what I wanna find out