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  1. Bullshootin' with Guillermo Moscoso


    Wed, 21 Aug 2013

    he had some friends locked into that clubhouse Connolly from Venezuela but from some guys that she played a bit. Before pat Howell was my comfort factor coming over here knowing you knew him. Several guys in the clubhouse. Well yeah that's one of the

  2. my dreams dissolve the kid playing in the film on the DL earlier these has a great thing. It's a blessing and can be out. Howell back. Oh it you know we very. Play football every day so the thinking as far as you get the play call thing about the sixth

  3. Rogers: 'My play stands for itself'


    Sun, 4 Aug 2013

    around. Room my message was college. Didn't I didn't I was. Most outside this file in the received most. However it. Howell also conceded. You know on those come making. If this you bring in my eyes were about me you know plan in my position and

  4. prepared for it. And that's what he signed up for and I think you know there's been a lot of speculation about when and who Howell . And that's speculation and put to rest now and we'll always remember that Jason Collins was the first player it is you

  5. NC State ends Erick Green's Hokies career


    Thu, 14 Mar 2013

    NC State used a 22 point, 12 rebound effort from forward Richard Howell to advance to the second round of the ACC Tournament, beating Virginia Tech 80-63.

  6. Navy tops SMU


    Fri, 8 Mar 2013

    Navy quarterback Kriss Proctor rushed for 107 yards and John Howell scored the go-ahead touchdown as the Midshipmen stayed in bowl contention by beating SMU 24-17 on Saturday.

  7. some some new combinations that would like to try some but right now we're gonna go familiar faces. The understanding of Howell . Each player reacts and certain situation. Allows them maybe to play faster quicker. So we're gonna go that route to start

  8. Partially the salary cap next year is going on the 63 million you guys have good amount of money on the books for next year Howell in the CA CB affect the team. were pretty flexible element we have we can operate under any system certainly this year I think

  9. Rod Streater: Janikowski is a legend


    Sun, 21 Oct 2012

    the game. And really with have a field position you feel good he got stepped out on the field. Powell instrumentalists and Howell what it and what he especially in situations like this when it comes down to this like. He's a he does a lot of time in

  10. face and hand team's offense. In general. Mess in those hope that they were getting the other day and he was talking about Howell . Well for younger pitchers the physical nose ahead of them mental you know aspect to them and then just as you mature middle

  11. Willis: 'We know what we have'


    Mon, 10 Sep 2012

    always down to. Two scores you know they never into the months it. You can't have all of the starters back on its feet and Howell has really improved this unit whether that jungle until we need to get stronger better Their image doesn't makes his makes

  12. other three you know we can get there. As far as most strategic certainly thirteen. I think thirteen. TV doesn't do justice Howell hope that line is my second shot. And the greatest set up for fade. For right and it says it's a hard shot to. Did trying

  13. falsehoods just because his ability to score and how hard is he working right now. didn't score on track to get everything going. Howell hard worker I mean. He really wants and he hasn't division one basketball in the last year goings has repaired the long distance

  14. Andrew Luck gives a lot of credit to the Cal defense, and we hear from fullback Ryan Hewitt.

  15. the bigger scheme and Stanford football history the cardinal must now turn the page quickly. As the annual big game against Howell looms large this Saturday Stanford knows that they almost have a very short memory. Turnaround sometimes about a six hour rule

  16. Wanna talk about your shootout winning goal your game winning goal I thought I was gonna see the backhand knows what happened. Howell and I got to have something else obviously through so. You know I watched for the first two shooters. And you stand back there

  17. don't have a great relationship. I think what we had in Phoenix and I think what they see the guy you love from day one has Howell and absolutely. Integrated. Organization were the basketball business organizations work together to deliver the best possible

  18. 8.29: Dishin' with DeRosa


    Mon, 29 Aug 2011

    probably be that guy. So that was frustrating to deal with that but didn't give up they gave me an opportunity come back and Howell and to come through yesterday's huge especially in a pennant race that kind of proved that. I still can help this team and

  19. Harbaugh will pull the plug on Smith if He gets off to a slow start. This is one of those these graphs so where you looked gets Howell . Poorly the quarterback is playing and how well the quarterback behind him is playing and where those two lines intersect

  20. And still able to escape stay inside and keep it there and that's you know the whole thing. I wanted to get on J. P. Howell early He threw the first pitch for ball and He He hung second went up there and you know squared up. You have to you have to