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Roman: 'We're chomping at the bit'



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  2. Clay Matthews3:33
  3. Nick Perry4:16
  4. Sanford1:27
  5. Kentucky1:18
  6. blocking schemes4:02
  7. pre season4:22
  8. play football0:22
  9. football player1:03
  10. extremely powerful4:17, 4:33
Thu, 6 Sep 2012|

Greg Roman talks about his benefits of the read-option football play, and the team's excitement.


Machine Generated Transcript

Rod Woodson was in Pittsburgh you know making the transition from corner to safety I think he can play corner -- safety and nickel. Really when you look at their nickel or dime defense he can play any position. In their dime defense so. Rather than waste time wondering. We just got play football and you know he's that talented player that knowledgeable player. You know we're fully. Expecting him to play multiple positions. And that he doesn't it doesn't but you know. So be it so -- think -- interchangeable. His you know. But they're gonna do what they wanna do and that's great. The read option is a good football concepts and you know. It's something we've done. You know it's. You can do a lot of different ways there's a lot of different ways to do it. And you know I've seen other teams doing so you know it's a football player like any other and you know it can be run anytime. I really learned it learned. My first. Knowledge of was the head coach at western Kentucky now who are -- Willie Taggart. Really. It was a very good teacher. And I sat down and at Sanford and we'd be coaching me up on a lot of different things and just kind of he thought it like anything else and just throw it evolves from there but I -- it was really the first guys. Taught me all the little different aspects of it. Swisher live it -- Andrew would do it by himself sometimes as well. He saw certain looks. You know he would pull the ball and you know it's just. It's a nice little -- I was eleven guys on defense -- ten guys on offense. When you factor the quarterback. -- -- quarterbacks so. -- evens out the numbers you know -- offense first defense. Because most teams don't nobody is covering the quarterback most of the time. Where nobody is accounted for the deaf he creates for him if he is a ball carrier. Oh yeah Caltrans some last year they sure did he did a great really good job with a sure did. You know I think every team in the NFL man there just chomping at the bit. I think this is -- universal -- now. They're chomping we were we're chomping at the bit to find out -- the first opponents are going to be did he -- -- -- schedule coming out there did anybody call yet. You know you're used to sometimes illegal collier early and you'll find out so. Bunch of people running around ability you know as Paul coming -- -- the -- coming out I think it's unit I know it's universal 32 teams once they find out bam. You know then they start. Preparation for their season and how it's going to fold. Everybody looks at the opening salvo of really you know. And just kind of -- -- Think ahead. Good question. We have a lot of respect for their defense and Clay Matthews is just a dynamic player. Community he has a great feel for the game of football and here he knows how to take blocks on. He can steal one of tackles drifting he's gonna come back inside. He can feel. And he knows had a sequences stuff during game. Where hey this guy over compensated as one time and I got on this way. Therefore my set him up for that again and I beat him back the other way he knows how to destroy blocking blocking schemes. He's very heady thing coverage. You know he's had some. Pick sixes and his crew you know. -- -- watching one yesterday he had last year -- rookie. Nick Perry is an extremely powerful player. He's just been killing tight ends. This pre season he's got a incredibly strong lower body I mean it looks like. Defensive -- from -- and it was she played in college they USC. So. He's extremely powerful and sets of such a mean edge and their -- the you know huge. Presence in the middle. You know. Our guys inside is just going to be it's going to be a real physical battle -- he's so strong got a really really good quickness to for a big man. And -- other inside linebackers. Their front seven you know they did play very well together.

  1. conference defending how is unit has done. In the second half of football games struggled mightily in the second half over the last three ..... to churn out the clock keep those chains moving and run the football well. Even when the other team knows what you're doing.

  2. that down Did excel against Chris Paul I think bring it on Chris Palmer aggression while wearing your post secrets dress up as football for the entirety. I was that they but he will definitely car or a very passively like it in my dress up another hit maybe

  3. slower than others promote that there's so many people playing at this pace now this this is the trend. And at all levels of football . So. We're equipped to pit calls and very quickly that it's built and our system that's what we do. Well as you continue

  4. front. I think the type scheme that they run fits his running style. He does a great job with these patients. And run the football and indeed able to pick your spots and pick Soft spots in the defense and you know give insider or were used to speedy around

  5. would like to be would be eight now after playing eight games. I think we're a good spot. Six and two who were playing good football . Then you watch the tape and see things that doesn't team can improve that every coach's. We as coaches can improve that

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  10. offense on November the seventeenth. I think it can't be a football decision I think it's got to be a health decision. And if ..... mean it's not that easy and this is a human problem not a football problem and it's not like they have. Literally missed him

  11. received some good news from a specialist in Los Angeles earlier this week. Who told him that he's allowed to ramp up his football activity I think it's closer and closer to a return to the playing field. As a reminder he's missed all of this season

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  13. they love to play again before also liked to have DelHomme anytime you get a chance to get on the field. 1213 minute those football lick our crew those like like the team. We have here him. There you always be on the you bring your a game and I think that

  14. field position is it always is will be a big factor in this football game so. We're we're excited not get an opportunity place ..... last couple weeks I mean this is this is a explosive offensive football team that can gain a lot of yards to put a lot of points on

  15. that's most important part. Yeah. And I think it's great fun. We'll see about and yeah. I don't think we'll. Football I don't lofted it up my helmet and shoulder pads and petrified at Saint Petersburg. What set and ready to go.

  16. The area dot com. Hello everyone history here with your morning minute for Wednesday October 30 warrior basketball. Back. Yeah they opened the season tonight against the Lakers however. Goals they will begin the season without Harrison Barnes the high flying forward We'll miss the first two games

  17. back Marcel and what's out of your football team because you're up 21 of three ..... He can go. He's the best modern pro football blowing a really high school and Manny ..... why they getting the ball. More to pro football 's most interest in there's if there

  18. alone eleven and eleven on eleven man football ten. It's coming. It's. No sure ..... That there's even if you play good football and then there's room for improvement ..... that going from. It's just too good football player. Good enough to play in. You

  19. really seems to be buying into what Dennis Allen and defensive coordinator Jason Tarver selling. To get their swarming to the football they are creating takeaways and they become the dominant unit on this team that keeps them in almost every game. Raiders defensive

  20. building probably don't know a lot about who. These no name guys are on defense but we got a lot of guys that are pretty good football players I think a lot of these guys we brought in need in here. You kind of have a little chip on the shoulder similar proved