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Fangio: 49ers hit film room in preparation for Richardson



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Thu, 19 Sep 2013|

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This -- down during practice. But again you have to learn yeah work. So we went and then. Put it taped together. Watching him run the ball for Cleveland. For the last year in two games and watched them and got to. Acclimated to his style running and watching him run and we showed that to the players today. My heart stopped my. In some ways that would -- Wednesday totally. He's a much different than the other guys -- Wouldn't. He's bigger. Probably a bigger version of it and faster probably. Yeah that -- yeah but obviously still that the bonus knowing how much. Did you expect him. Think it'll -- different at all they just man and that off more than that have been and they got a great running back to give it to -- it's even more reason for them to have balance in their offense which I think they're striving to do anyway. So just that just gives them an operator running back in the -- you see him. He's strong he's fast he's got a good stiff arm. He's a move the pile up kind of guy but he also got some shifting this to where he can bounce it outside or inside. And he's comfortable running it inside or outside they've tossed it to him. Few times at Cleveland they have the toss play it Indianapolis. And you know they have very similar running game. That both places so I think we'll be pretty seamless transition as much as it can be forgot it's just got there today. I think I'm you know because the guys -- day. In camp then playing. In an offense that the running game has some a lot of carry over I'm sure they'll they'll teach them good teach him a good bit of the running game some of their. Pass protections and regular personnel and I think you have that you know. Yeah I think it is because. You know they have protections. And their regular personnel group. You know when there's two backs tight end two receivers. On the field that. Are exactly the same for Cleveland and Indianapolis so. I think there was a lot of the protections will be seamless form. There may be some that they're not -- with a yet they probably wouldn't call those. -- maybe a couple of up and -- The end. I don't know what you -- comfortable but. I'm at its. You know it's got some of the stuff that they did at Stanford and open. I'm not a lot -- -- -- -- his background has been his last three years Stamford in prior to that a lot of time with Norv Turner. Who is what who is the offensive coordinator Cleveland he's doing a lot of that stuff so again that's carry over for Richardson coming -- This mean the addition of Rick Anderson allowed -- -- more spin like you would be looking here are. -- Taylor type of. Every now and well I'm sure that's the way they've visualize and to eventually be the every down back and again a lot of times you get a trade like this during the season that's what a guy who was pulled them out or something. And he's really not ready to go this guy's ready to go so.

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  13. overplaying the top front seven group that we faced all season in and there's not much difference really in in our opinion as a staff watching. These guys and how they play up front out of play linebacker position very strong. And again couple with the scheme

  14. like to see where he's gonna do practice and then we'll teach in the scheme and Selig One thing that we do as a defense of staff is we wanna make sure we evaluate everybody that the personnel department gives us so we go back and look at our reports went

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  20. cool. You know it's like guys in this room who are leaders and guys answer to a lot of guys don't come for the coaching staff took. And Dallas. Todd came up and say that we're going to be rotating. Well boilers have ten pounds myself so. Pretty