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Nyan Boateng

11.21: Cal/Stanford Postgame- Nyan Boateng


  1. Johnny Bench0:18
Sun, 22 Nov 2009|

WR Nyan Boateng talks with Chuck Fisher about the big win in the Big Game.


Machine Generated Transcript

Yeah but get this victory in a tightly fought game and the big game. Man it's gotta match you know we wanted to keep down. In the -- and it in a very excited medical medal winner in all husband -- -- Brodeur is -- so we're very excited that. The performance by single reads and I would know Johnny Bench and -- the word today and then -- up. That's the title bars and did their work because we know with the go to many thought we want as the -- -- and I.

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  1. 9.21: SportsFlash- Cal WR Boateng out

    Cal's leading receiver from a year ago Nyan Boateng was lost for an undetermined period after suffering a foot injury against Minnesota on Saturday.