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12.3: Raiders practice -- J.T. O'Sullivan



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Fri, 3 Dec 2010|

O'Sullivan on practicing with his new team.


Machine Generated Transcript

-- -- -- the -- there was some another opinion just trying to immersed myself from the systems behavior on the coaches and quarterbacks it was actually it turned her hero. What direction they're going from -- him do my job and I think that's the idea about late April -- Yeah. I practiced there -- no longer be ready to play Cutler. -- advantage on the ballot record the Sunday yeah well the New York nominated it's it's somewhere. It's ongoing and they're so yeah. Right now immerse myself in the system and just be ready to go yeah. And green have happy there is Brady going to hearing these yeah. That's the beauty and getting them. I mean just I just didn't experience about it but it's your time yeah. Sustainment you know who do you these opportunities just got to immerse yourself and them. It's important you learned quickly and it's important things on -- -- as -- -- -- -- be ready to go and keep on going up against me at GE. Power and -- was their first few weeks I don't know how much. Those guys are pretty good over the so -- plugged and try to play well and see what happens. -- -- with TV back into the area but like. It's great you know. -- high school and college at the end so nice to be back and I. In the Bay Area and enjoy it doesn't look at last. -- he -- an easier with. Chargers that that the big game for the Raiders didn't get out there and they've certainly in the air traffic is not that -- going -- and -- it -- -- -- There and that that the team Germany and you you can appreciate division games. In December in the NFL and it's important football so. And it's on the DL counts unless it's.

  1. veteran Chad Gaudin and a guy who hasn't pitched in the bigs in a while certainly has made start since 2011 that he Sean O ' Sullivan spent some time. With the Angels and with the Royals and now he's with the Padres and oh by the way. The front of the

  2. there with them. Home is really helping him you know this. With our Armisen just alone residents of the ball a lot for us. O ' Sullivan allowed. Slows everything down you know he's talking to us. In a way that we can understand where there's no one ever

  3. would stand as the game winner. You know the way he knows what he had anything did happen. Did a great game tonight and O ' Sullivan had a big game winner and case so I'm glad. Tell me about how that play developed it came off the face off Hogan won at

  4. professional and I. It's worked so it's going to with blessing. It's. Really well yeah. There is no excuse me fresh it's. thoroughly comfortable. And O ' Sullivan its fans that I don't know we're you know don't let him okay.

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