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11.5: 1-on-1 with the Raiders' Langston Walker



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Sun, 2 Jan 2011|

Walker on returning from an injury to contribute to the Raiders' win over the Chiefs.


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Welcome back at you know for you returned it -- in question but. -- -- just take it you -- I had -- talking on this bittersweet. That team finished undefeated. You know we're we're a teammate you know winning record. -- different team our division twice. You know and of course I'm just not going to play offs but because some losses early and can -- some of those losses. A you know when you mentioned your division. You know we're we're gonna see those guys in this year's. They it's going to be in the back amongst us and be there by San Diego Denver and not to see what's. And elevated the Raiders have -- -- record what the hell I'm black but out there that the. You know I think you know throughout the season we'll have to -- horse that couldn't. You know book and think that would -- It's going to be an easy game. -- you know Lexus. The teams that -- consumers here there's that human the that it's. About playing for pride in the city of airplane for -- in the playoffs. What conversations took place among you guys going out there to come out and make you think. You know I think everybody wanted to sort of in the season with the with a win of course when -- record. Myself not I'd like to play spoiler and you know. Came on here and and we ran the ball well. We threw it pretty well and you know played defense and you know we want so. And going back to that after the offseason a lot of players contracts come up. Did this Raiders team have the pieces of the puzzle to go -- it and haven't had a winning season next. -- different and so. You know. This is the business of the NFL and never know what happened but I think the you know for the most part of the core guys that are here. I don't know if you bring him in a couple of guys. You know blown me you know I just next up is this is going to the playoffs and you know hope -- run distance but conceivable but you know like the citizens of business and so you never know what happens. And his coach cable guy to lead you night laughs I didn't think so. You know I've looked to be here he's here so. You never know what happens. He is stepping up -- And going on some of those pieces and brought into the pitcher this year both Jason Campbell and that you Jackson let's first talk about. Jason Campbell -- the history he thought I can understand it. You know I think Jason came in. You know just little and -- to tell -- do. Not too worried about the mistakes. You know as time went on -- go over more comfortable in the -- More -- take risk and you know he's he's. This consummate professional he's definitely you're out there. Stuff and -- love sports -- -- -- in response on him. You know get things going. You know because it doesn't. No big pieces you know the win. When informed. And lastly I don't cable has his fingerprints on the offensive line because that's his specialty but -- -- -- play calling this year. What did you see from him at this. You know Q was you know different like the passable. But he also knew that. You know pretty good offensive line. He played -- starts. You know. Maybe we ran the ball pretty well and didn't have to be suitable routes and frivolous play action. You know. I think this has to be one more philadelphians. Are going a long time you know this place and season.

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  1. That's that's. Practice is had a couple different options. We practiced against mark Martin Walker part of your selected in head of the walker for the team to go. Kyle fighter briefly here. Just you. pretty helpful and I. No run out there

  2. baseball lives for. Basketball less so but yeah absolutely why don't trade in the NFL very we need more treated more Herschel Walker type deal. I think you know and actually if memory serves I think the one trade that was made this year is one more than it

  3. You know they made sure that you know we didn't come out here we were sleepwalking. And if has made sure that we Wesley walker and what we performer when we did today. Yeah that's what that's what we get that message from from coach Harbaugh. You

  4. team as you know each and every week he's going to get it is always gonna come out of the ball. Restricted my target Delanie Walker things pretty good confidence to look at the in this growth figures on how have you. In particular but also you know I'm

  5. up this week you have the Tennessee Titans that means a former teammate gets to say hello are you guys and that's Delanie Walker . What's it going to be like facing a guy who knows you guys amigos are friends you guys win against one another practices

  6. 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis against Titans tight end Delanie Walker . The 49ers know walker very well from his seven seasons with the team he did all kinds ..... duties in covering a guy who can get down the field like Delanie Walker .

  7. off the Seattle Seahawks practice squad. Early in the season. Before the season even started in fact in the him as a Delanie Walker type of player to have an oversized wide receiver and undersized tight end. So Chris harper is a guy that the foreigners look

  8. He ever had that scenario would. You might be spending a lot of time covering kind. good friend and. None of those press first time first time. In this case in a song I doing. You know he's he's he's a competitive you know he's incorrectly. No good tell me you know I think he's. I come all purpose

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  10. then. Alex Smith. It's even Delanie Walker has no idea how the 49ers to defamed him on Sunday. Walker now in his first year with the Tennessee ..... of responsibility. In covering Delanie Walker Reid has played very well some would say

  11. know just take it easy just to be back gonna need you know you do whatever the coaches exceeded. Your former teammate Delanie Walker catches a pass over the middle he now plays for the Titans. You've got a great shot Adam you're coming out of do you go

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  14. witness and you know when when got the bases and got you know ancestry over to third. I thought I did feel they're gonna walker attic you know on the and then my next follows all the left here you know with a one of the do in. So when they brought in

  15. to get better. Our opportunity to get there as well. Genius used that same description virtually walker is Bruce sort of in the end Delanie Walker role at least early in the season. Young tight him. I think so yeah. He's.

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  17. all right now. Now let's roll and I think the schedule looks little better in that of this kid and you know what after when the coach dictates the mood. Coaches and good mood out were all he solidified. Walker got an older my goodness.

  18. your side clubhouse. Celebrating another west division Jeff and I didn't military vessels. I have my first round have now walker hitting and see that party. It's. Well you're the best and we will see that my has been special about. Your opportunity

  19. that they bring. I know that where she is you know he's big strong team gets over the middle. It's. You have what's walker his game when you have. 87 just right now yet. They're Decker you know my. He's a route runner and he's one of their

  20. protocol and is on pace to play in Sunday's game as long he passes the final one which is the contact simulator. When Delanie Walker left is a creates a lot of people wondered how that would affect the forty hours playing time who would compensate for his absence