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12.13: WAS/OAK Postgame- Mario Henderson



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Tue, 28 Dec 2010|

"Our focus needs to change to a new standard and a new set of goals to be champions now."


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Okay just -- quick injury update from yesterday. Mario Henderson got an ankle sprain but it's nothing major. McFadden turf toe. Is a little bit questionable but we'll see it's nothing like he's had in the past. Mitchell also is sore shoulder with those groups just little sore. But should be fine and Chauncey was -- You know nothing serious they're the only guy right now question it looks like it's we get ready to start the week to see him. We don't yeah. They're like what we've been doing. -- -- -- And where will that. Well I -- not. I haven't info value because of what we've been trying to do here in on the last month. That's rude and for the first thing from reminded as we -- don't want the season you know we'll have a couple 23 week period there were. It'll be time for all that but right now I just concentrate on trying to win in the eighth game and see if we can go six and on the vision so. You know in all fairness to that question situation I just haven't thought about it. -- No I mean I'm I'm you know good at what I do so I'm -- out coached football for me and that's just what I do you know. In terms of you know being Terrell. I know what I don't that a -- football team but. That's forward after the season in terms of ours discussed amongst us. -- -- we we haven't. We haven't had those kind of discussions always been about you know thinking that week for the game last week just trying to keep everything in perspective and we we have beginning this week that we -- win. Our -- was where he. We talked about you know that that was really the plan this morning because someone ought official who woke up this morning that it's it's not gonna happen for us. We talked about the improvements we've made. You know from a commitment level of where we wanna take this thing where we would ultimately be. And that's to win -- championship and you know what's it's a process to get there we've kind of been. Going through all those things went through this week is just the last step for this year and that is still go out and in winning game you know and finished the season it made. Stop a losing record thing that's kind of been chasing this organization for -- readers and as opposed to you know complete the sweep in the division I think that would be difficult to deal for football team and -- -- -- you know future and the next year. Work. Or you know probably won't want to discuss all that after that an hour after the -- -- and now because right now I'm just thinking about them. Kind of switch and you know our guys from 43 defense to a 34 defense that's really in my brain -- haven't. Sit down talk. Anyone about it -- thought too much about a kid notes throughout the season what I think we have to do better next time around the sort of things but. To really focus on how come to. -- You know really it's it's just did you but a number of missed tackles first and foremost. A couple of alignment issues with to have. Sometimes when -- playing a lot of nickel defense like that you're trying to defend the pass you can be a gap shorten it and you know do you play it's a guy who can find that sooner or later he can find that in. You know we didn't have a great pressure or -- -- put much pressure on him. And you felt like Wannstedt kind of got stalled out than -- you know kind of pick in the sport with the run -- little. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Not you know I think just getting into the period and -- think about it seventeen carries at running back and that's just not enough but. At the same time. Can't really argue what do we do an offer an outlaw will block it well enough to get ourselves in the rhythm. -- -- shall we can do that because to have thrust a -- doable for a two times it's you know quite a bit for us. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A minus to plus one plus two minus mean you don't know game. Too many of those ugly ones like that some never seemed to -- than any type of rhythm whether it was inside or outside. We did hit it -- a long run inside and hit a couple of them were outside for. Fifteen yard gains one called back by holding penalty. The rough tackle and so when there isn't siren outside no -- -- it was converted job but didn't. In rhythm Richmond Watkins. His improvement. -- You know he's passed that part of it but he's still has some symptoms so until those are gone kid can do much about it. Yeah. -- thought you know started off kind of didn't miss and then is it win authority get better had some struggles. On a couple things but you know overall again for guys step and then who hadn't played a lot lately. And once he got into his rhythm that he was okay. -- You know we'll see you know we'll see about that what is -- when you that's another part of that -- You know after the seasons ago. -- -- It is really knights are the thing I'm really encouraged for Chaz -- -- you know who -- to the last week with image and improving and getting more involved -- -- million little walkway from season injury free you're healthy fuel. To go in the offseason I think would be huge step forward but it's good to see him back involved definitely. -- You know I think this if he's healthy he has a chance to to lift us up -- -- he can't Sarah put number one takes -- until they can have a chance to improve it. Unfortunately the injury situation had been able to but I do think he's a quality player and I do think -- -- -- you release or. I'm very pleased you know you look at there's just came he's been. You improving you know all the way initially stepped up only need him to and and really played well blocked well. So there's some positive things going on there just need to have more positives all the time. -- We're right there you know we're we're right there with the Bruins now that they we can win and be on our focus needs to change now from. And learning how to do that I think we understand that now than it needs to change to. Setting a new standard and circles which should become champions and that's an extra.

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