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  1. bridge expert it's really. Absolutely and then I talked to them all of this is this is their operation. What are her chest Atogwe angles and then. To finally come up from the minors and play you know the top six at least the top nine. They get an opportunity

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    Thu, 16 Dec 2010

    Nobel Peace Prize among among all athletes not just and NBA people the people in the NFL Brian Westbrook of the niners afford OJ Atogwe that former Stanford Cardinal Drew the Super Bowl champion worked on a Ernie Els and in the NBA game Ben Gordon Paul Pierce

  3. top it polluted don't. You realize Mike Singletary daughter that has nothing to do with anything about it backed up there Atogwe is a big play guy. The secondary. Troy Smith is gonna wanna get the ball didn't you play action pass get involved Crabtree

  4. to develop. What we have here slowly and if we can do that it would have a chance to accomplish what we I mean as of now OJ Atogwe that you know him on a personal level did you ever talk to him now. Free agency signing here coming here are laughter Q why