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Three and Out: Flynn gone, Holmes in; RB depth an issue



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  5. Terrelle Pryor0:51, 1:32
  6. April Fool's Day0:26
  7. Darren McFadden2:37
  8. Matt Flynn1:40
  9. Pat White1:25
  10. performance enhancing drugs1:49
  11. AFC west2:51
Mon, 7 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

I'm Scott bay are Raiders insider for CSN California and this is your Raiders three and out on a Monday. Following Sunday's victory over the San Diego Chargers the topic number one deals with someone who is no longer with the organization and that's quarterback Matt -- he's officially now deemed a failed experiment. Because he was brought in on April 1 April Fool's Day no doubt. In exchange for a fifth round draft pick and a conditional seventh round pick from the Seattle Seahawks. On the assumption that he was going to be the starting quarterback for the Raiders all season long. He actually only started one game and it will be his last possibly his last start in the NFL as a whole because. He struggled at every stop we all know that he's that he lost out to Russell Wilson last year in Seattle. This season he lost out to Terrelle Pryor. Who really has taken a stranglehold on that starting spot but. The farther that he felt down the depth chart them more than he started to out. And the less likely it seemed that he was going to stay with this team despite the fact that they owed him. Six point 25 million dollars now most of that was doing a signing bonus. That is already been paid his base salary is a little over one million they're gonna have to cut him -- because his locker is cleaned out. And the Raiders are now looking for another starting quarterback to B Terrelle Pryor's backup -- David Carr came in on Monday. And veteran more of an athletic quarterback in Pat White is -- here on Tuesday. And after that the Raiders are going to make another decision to bring in a quarterback into the -- behind Terrelle Pryor. Receiver Andre Holmes was the corresponding move when the Raiders decided to release quarterback Matt Flynn. Now -- has been on the reserve suspended list over the course of the first four games after violating the NFL's. Policy on performance enhancing drugs that he touched and that I mean it tested positive back in April. He was formally suspended in July and really started serving a four game -- at the beginning of the regular season. Last week he was allowed to practice with the team. Without the did without the Raiders having to make any sort of decision on whether they're gonna promote him to the 53 man roster but they like everything that they -- because this guy. He's ranging he's got to get balls in the air and he's going to be more productive than a receiver that they have on the 53 man who doesn't do anything and that is -- Kreider who. In the coming days will probably. Get released as well now with homes. They don't have to activate him right away he can still be an experiment that they can try out but this -- upside was too great. And then just let him go. Raiders running backs Darren McFadden and Rashad Jennings have suffered hamstring injuries and back to back weeks which is a cause for concern for the Raiders running game especially heading into Sunday's game against the Kansas City Chiefs. Because we just don't know if -- their back is going to be able to play and that crew so. AFC west clash now if they can't Marcel Reece is going to be your guy and that should be a major cause for concern because he started four games at back last season. And -- -- hundred yards of total offense in three of them so again should McFadden and Jennings not be able to recover in time. Reese is going to be your guy in Kasey. From Allen -- I'm Scott there Comcast sports net.

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