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Harbaugh on Kap 'He's capable of just about anything'



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Sun, 27 Oct 2013|

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A great tradition in its status as the as the venue and who is. It was amazing race experience for our players and me personally. The the beginning of the game when they're playing the two national anthems like you know. I felt like it was at the Olympics it as a youngster -- wanted to be in the Olympics and at that moment us feel like you know this with the it's our clinical notes over middle of the bronze medal in the different nationally -- that really got got killed when there. That jealousy gutsy between. Great experience. Here. Suppose. They. Little. Whether the the preset all weird and it wasn't just a lip service and we we watched Jacksonville and and it was on the tape and they're very -- football players and they're very well coached and whether they're playing. A lot of tight games -- -- game yet but I mean you he get the respect for the paper and respect for everybody to play professional football the national football. It starts starts there but and we're also want to get better if you want to improve and well like a team did that. Well a lot of speed and in the and courage you know to the the top of the the touchdown run. The first and believe it was. If he saw he saw. A window. There was closing fast. He got up in it. Look like much like a running back. And that's that's great -- you don't. Dorsey that. From the quarterback position guys look at that he'll get that element. I thought he just since he saw that window. Mean he agreed dark and speed to. But the ball into the end zone. -- over the stress. He's. Peter Kelton -- tell the player capable of just about anything. Running or passing Carnoustie in the field extremely well. Use his legs on third down. To pick up -- first downs that was. I was a great great momentum boost for for our club kept drives alive. Mr. -- your performance. Offense defense. Special teams again. -- opportunistic and -- made plays and running fast. Defensively. That the person. Bowman. Patrick Willis. The -- tell which one of them has made in the play there's so good their soul to soul like. We're both of them were. The -- played extremely well. Tomorrow. How we get home tomorrow we -- here tomorrow morning. We're back in California. Tomorrow afternoon. -- The not exactly exactly. To be to be opportunity practices Tuesday and Wednesday. For. Themselves. I have for anybody really wants the opportunity to practice and the most -- doesn't take that'll be. The guys that are. Not playing as much but. -- opportunity practice. Yeah. -- one CIA I think Dixon her return. And I felt like that -- Would be an opportunity. And and he did he did a good job that was -- to see movies to work at that now offer. About four weeks and felt like there was a window of opportunity to return. We don't talk about the controversy of who the returner is you know -- losers no returner controversy -- anything like that mean. Really the the fairway -- quarterback if there's that they're errors ever quarterback controversy can understand talking about that happen but talk about return customers. And there is no quarterback controversy decision -- but -- -- up. It's. Well the the thing I think is is -- is does is the one day at a time approach. And there was start talking about what's going to happen. -- two weeks three weeks a month on the road it's. Not the best approach and -- haven't. Have a great day that's the that's the kind of think that it is the best course of action so.

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  9. force there was. Great road win. Had a lot of families here for this game Kilgore at a cost 200. Friends and relatives. The Willis . Patrick's family was here. Quinton Patton from here. Mom came over cooked last name and many family members this is they

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  13. He ever had that scenario would. You might be spending a lot of time covering kind. good friend and. None of those press first time first time. In this case in a song I doing. You know he's he's he's a competitive you know he's incorrectly. No good tell me you know I think he's. I come all purpose

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  16. 49ers to defamed him on Sunday. Walker now in his first year with the Tennessee Titans figures that Patrick Willis could cover him but Patrick Willis is nursing a groin injury. The rookie. Eric the free safety for the 48 has played very well he might

  17. Jose. That was a great drive and it was set up by a cut player that Patrick Willis . Causing the turnover Eric Reed recovered the fumble. That was that was outstanding. or caused a fumble and Navarro Bowman was

  18. You know I came You know there was you know no game. I mean apart from the start to finish. Go to you know is one of things it. You know the intensity is not saying news you know practices gained only gained a you know once again that's sort of move around on the side. Ourselves and I know you

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  20. Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals that all of them should be available for the game. The only two iffy ones would be Patrick Willis with a groin injury has already missed two games but he was a game time decision last week he gets it Texans. He