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Perrish Cox is energized after joining the 49ers



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Wed, 21 Aug 2013|

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49ers cornerback -- Koch joins us here on the program the one pre season it's been for you -- a couple of sacks against the Chiefs defend well against the Broncos how would you grade your performance so far in the pre season. I think is pretty good you know my opinion. That's. You know no doubt but I I think I have you know more room to improve and you know that's that's for -- would do that but I think it's going pretty good for me. How is the competition so far in training camp at the cornerback spot there are a lot of guys there for awhile and he had some injuries the what's the competition been like for playing time. I mean this is in the we have pretty set -- players there you know we got a couple veteran got it you know the starters that are had been there. But that's cost competition while I don't I don't I don't think we indicated that way you know in this come out I don't know if -- -- I think that way but. Now we don't think evidence comes to us and we just think that was going -- making plays and you know it just me personally -- one of you know go out every day and you know be perfect of that as I can be. Last year in the 49ers defensive scheme to play a lot of nickel back for this team run nickel. Result what did you learn from experience how did that change or maybe expand what you could do defensively. I'm and it it it's thanks for the -- not I've learned a lot you know unless there when I came in it was actually my first time -- inside you know it's in my in my career football. -- know when McCain may you know it I learned to laugh and put Carlos Rogers and also. It's it's it's hit me out out of nowhere you know where my. From Columbus is going to be and I know also what a corner is going to be -- its -- inside. So when I go back on outside in the would have sounded -- because on the Roman dropped its going to be so you know and I'm probably more towards my. I a lot of people into the 49ers as a team that's supposed to get back to the Super Bowl this year but one of the areas in question. The quarterbacks they sail wide receivers and cornerbacks might be in question. Do you guys who played the position take that to them personally -- use that isn't senate. How we do you know me personally in I think I speak for the rest of the foremost. Yeah we do take that as you know kind of requests and I mean. You know I mean we we we always been a good defense we've been a good defense you know I was there it just last but you know for the past couple years been a good defense so. -- got to see what you think they have an you know we we would go out and prove differently -- -- -- You have another element to your game that might be showcase this year kick off returns and punt returns and do you think you can win that job is that -- you wanna do more -- I mean I mean that's that's I was wondering where it went one thing that I wanted to take much pride in you know being -- returning kicks in and also. You know and not much is back and up and on defense in noises were rare -- -- whatever I'm asked to do a plan on doing it. But also you know the kick returner punt return in the tank McBride and it. By what he's gonna get the ball off your mind during the training camp sessions -- act after practice what do you do to relax once -- Cox relaxed mode. A morning but I'm I'm a -- -- gamers is on the team not talk a lot of miss on the games. The go up a lot of games. You know I I actually do we kick it would seem as -- ball in the governor you know would do -- things together the team you know that also helps us you know would go home field things that we. We kind of know each -- you mean room we took around we -- so that we give each other. You know kind of a you know a bit of a miss whenever they mess up but I mean you know waited it brings us together -- a kid when my team is more enough. What's the most popular video game you guys plan who's the best that I'm the best that to get through that they're seeing as -- -- of our game so. -- this is going to end up -- but I mean you know just like you about this topic. There's tax that's the fun stuff I like talking about thanks so much for joining us best elected love pre season that game number three for you guys okay thank you better.

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  9. what he's gonna get the ball off your mind during the training camp sessions act after practice what do you do to relax once Cox relaxed mode. A morning but I'm I'm a gamers is on the team not talk a lot of miss on the games. The go up a lot of games

  10. the edge of the defense coordinator so it's it's still open who's gonna be that number three quarterback charming rock Nnamdi Asomugha. Perhaps even Cox but Asomugha has shown that there's going to be a spot warm on the 53 man roster.

  11. Now that the the defense coordinator so it's it's still open who's gonna be that number three quarterback charming Brock Nnamdi Asomugha. Perhaps even Cox but Asomugha has shown that there's going to be a spot on the 53 man roster.

  12. some regard but. But the the plate to play long it consistently. That good I thought there was a lot of good thanks Parrish Cox thought had an outstanding game. I'm Mike will it looks. Looked very solid needs to park played. Very well limited view

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  19. clock eating at home plate where it started at birth and eat yet in Oxford Cox tree and he'd be an effort. Oakland eat. And yeah. The only areas score. Oprah now what the read it one theory it's your

  20. disaster. To be swept the two of these games went to overtime it was that close the only game that really was out of reach for the Cox . Was game three when the Sharks won 52 and they scored three power play goals in that one just like they did tonight. And group