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Wed, 26 Oct 2011|

Matt and Mindi check in from 49ers practice before the team's Week 8 matchup with the Browns.


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They're ready for another hole walking only entertaining it -- sitting -- so mad at remaining here on CSN Bay Area dot com week eighth NFL 49ers coming off their bye week -- there might be some concern from fans that. The records of teams coming -- the guy we got good 39 overall I like Smith alluded to that he's aware of the players to Wear it it's very different mindset here that in this locker rooms like players that they actually didn't want to go way. -- wanna lose that football minds that. Yet I think when you come you're coming off a bye week I think this team that Cleveland -- sets up pretty well for the 49ers Cleveland Browns can't score a lot of points. Their running game isn't very good their passing game isn't particularly great either. So they'll try to run the ball but I don't think they can whether they have it and a healthy Peyton Hillis or not so I think. The formula for the 49ers remain the same. Take care of the football run the ball. -- defense and special teams do their part. Don't turn it over and they come out of this with a victory that they can get -- -- victory at us and have they they get off to a fast start. Like they did against Tampa Bay I certainly think that'll bode well as well because he's seen with his defense has been able to do weekend. And week out so the players certainly aware that they can't roll into that and they've never been five and one and a longtime -- these players on the roster so it's not something they want to. Now and and I think they see it now that. That they're playing for. Third among the elite right now on the -- now when you look at every computer rankings or. Or power rankings or just day NFC. Standings the conference standings with forty hours are right there with a five and one record so. There. Getting used to the idea that they belong among the lead in the NFL. And elite teams in NFL don't lose in Cleveland Browns at home so it's a big win a big game from that standpoint there. The 49ers game Braylon Edwards this week Matt and I saw him in practice. A limited view of him and practicing seem to be running well. The head coach Jim Harbaugh changing his health assessment on Edwards today same name might have been overly optimistic it was -- -- -- we don't necessarily believe him -- why I don't think He wasn't speaking that's a good thing about -- He don't He wasn't speaking specifically about Braylon He was asked about Braylon they -- -- in general. I'm not as. Optimistic. As I was about the health situation that He I think He was referring more -- Moran Norris does earlier in the week He said that He expected everybody to be available practicing including Moran Norris. I don't think Moran Norris is ready. So I think He was probably referring more -- him maybe possibly right guard Adam Snyder who missed most of the game against lines that stay here. And He said He might negated a as well so Harbaugh being overly cautious aren't we all -- today it hurts our answer. Some of your tweets that as a. Oh I am on his we got some really good questions today let's blow through these past we can't sports plus -- says what positions in the foreigners need the most help. Depth at. I say you can't get help you can't get depth. At this point this season they're fine. IE the guys who don't have teams right now they don't have teams for a reason. They're not that good weather injured there's not a cause if any thing outside linebacker at salad the one that's exactly outside linebacker -- three outside linebackers on the roster course. -- Smith a mob wrecks and Parys Haralson and we know that all dismissal comes in a passer situations but. They don't have a back up there now they really don't. I guess what they do I mean they have those three guys. Marty Simmons and I believe would be the the third guy they can bring him up from practice squad. Antawn Applegate won the last cuts he's already on a team so. That that's -- -- by gave up the only thing -- the question here any chance all the Smith makes the probable despite not being on the ballot. It doesn't matter because He -- be added. As a player He would be voted in any way as a starter to one of those guys so. Yeah I mean there's a chance if -- He -- -- the prayers defense playing well. -- there actually there's a chance became Jesus. This pace and it performs well yeah He can make the the problem I think the big thing for him all the Smith not a starter He has started yes He leads the team is five and a half sacks going doing very well but coming in in certain downs and situations at this disastrous situations. They always attitude about later in the season that he's not Ellis professor Mosley that lightening. Dark site 63 says any chance for us sign. Carlos Rogers long term. -- absolutely there is that I spoke to Carlos on Tuesday He said He wants to be here He loves it here He likes getting away from the East Coast. -- -- He had a chance to start a new here. After being a first round pick to the Redskins He likes it He wants to be here. Attitude that works -- and how long term of them not necessarily I don't know if it's gonna happen during the season but I think he's I think he's gonna be. I think he's got a final long term -- I think it will happen during the season had a chance to speak to Jed York and then He said the -- walking Jim Harbaugh -- talking about certain players. Maybe preliminarily still but we saw them extend Frank Gore before the season and I think some his key players -- like back who. Are you in their contracts to they'll see a couple signings before the end of the Raiders. Fox. Fox and what Nazi past. Put Edwards -- do you feel Crabtree should still be -- me to go go to guy well I don't think Crabtree as the go to guy I think. There -- quality to that one wide receiver right polite is all day I got to wide receiver wise of -- thanks for player and a -- I don't think there is a go to guy I think. I think it's eight. And played a play it's a game to game type of thing I think you'll see if it Crabtree and Braylon Edwards remain healthy I think you can see one guy lead the team in receptions in catches. Are receiving yards one week you'll see the other guy the next week. I don't think I any of those two guys are pretty similar so I don't think. That you get to see one guy just take the the lion's share of of the reception. It's an active man I thought I would -- a little bit more of Vernon Davis at this point this season and and yet He hasn't been that lead. Go to guys so to speak you know he's not a wide receiver and -- I think the strength of this offense. So far is that they're able to spread the ball around everyone involved that's what they need because He can stop one thing. I I am not sure yet the passing game in his -- his strengths -- they really need to get a few things now. Absolutely see -- 85 how much of all the Smith will we see Sunday considering the Browns like to run the ball. I was all depends on Parys Haralson help as a -- we did talk about earlier. Parys Harrelson and Ahmad -- are the 49ers. That's two outside linebackers. Playing -- one in jail Allman Smith again. Ahmad Brooks are the two best defensive ends in nickel situations. I think if the if Parys Harrelson is healthy he's going to be playing. Most of the based on that not all the base downs and all the Smith will play all of the nickel downs a lot of thinking they really changes -- NGOs said. All the has come along okay. When he's played outside linebacker they can -- intensity needs to -- think -- another set with what they had it one minute here. Nikki blue eyes as gore performing as solid as ever will weakens continue to see an increase doesn't -- matters I think we'll see the same thing I think we'll see. Frank Gore. Playing two thirds of the snaps three quarters of mishaps putter coming in. Occasionally nice change of pace back they got to get things going to miss about him as they can jump ahead to big lead like they did against the Bucs mark and a absolutely so yeah I think day to -- they have left. System that has been working whether it's at outside linebacker defense and then running back wide receiver tight and all that stuff no reason to change. There aren't many games -- -- -- -- one yet to get shaken up there really need you need to get to match right that's another addition of Matt -- here on CSN Bay Area dot com -- to next time.

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