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1-on-1 with 49ers kicker Phil Dawson



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Wed, 4 Sep 2013|

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Upon what you're really like I'll use the ballpark filled home. It could be one of the last full season doesn't like and back of futility. When you are industrialised. -- many. Nice view that's what I where. They change them yourself here so I'll order of launching a -- one right now from. You're 36. On standby and radio I cut them back heels the states don't do either one goes down I don't think it was -- my Achilles tendon in his would be. Flu flu like normally the weather has done this song at the back off it's good -- the hill actually started on the split too. So our student in -- -- places and part of when Mike if you lose tonight shaved down the police on the inside. -- But soon. Motherhood comes through on the ground it's one less thing to get in the way. You've been issues been this way and cherish this part out of special is that disputed the more flexible. That I. How about do not take a couple of league games. Something different than other policies in the Ottawa. And they're all that signs him. Like so this is really high -- hood tour schools who long black hair -- flyers right here. -- -- -- -- But depending on what kind of field we're playing on. Development plans where it doesn't affect Connors quite as much as their -- at times but -- weather forecast we give him -- a -- -- -- in. And voters wouldn't conditions. Williams has been -- him on it could be anywhere. So it's -- of well but it does give them. CR comment please shoot for -- Hardly feel well when it's. Soft -- field. Tall grass or grass. Field turf and I know you guys are good these days make it look really easy for alarm going into it that's this challenging him. That's why these guys are pros -- it was difficult looking. --

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  1. Lee, Dawson discuss game day preparation

    Upon what you're really like I'll use the ballpark filled home. It could be one of the last full season doesn't like and back of futility. When you are industrialised. many. Nice view that's what I where. They change them yourself here so I'll order of launching a one right now from. You're 36. On

  2. Dawson prepared for Candlestick Park

    You know free agency never free agents know what to expect. When process started. I told my Let me know when things are getting serious and heard all this. Plays when it became apparent it. Become a 49 was Potts got really excited and it didn't take long. Once this'll get them all but number nine

  3. Harbaugh on Dawson : 'He's a real football player'

    Biggio. Is. He's got this philosophy which I really think nails it. You're you're a great defense but it. Or a great quarterback and good defense. And a kicker that can make field. So really it goes through that. To win championships. You great defense and a really your quarterback and kicker our

  4. Three and Out: Hunter's timeline a bad omen for Crabtree?

    offseason the forty there's new kicker Phil Dawson went up to Candlestick Park seven ..... face all season and his advice for Phil Dawson . Once you figure out that you can ..... Candlestick Park you'll be okay. Dawson has already figured that out.

  1. And today's announcement. He's fifty NBA with the best body. Is that something good players out come from the US those Dawson on the side. Oh yeah every Suns Toyota's vehicles and you know I was playing some crazy things things they can. Fourteen

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    Former Cub and currect special assistant in the Marlins front office, Andre Dawson was checking out the designs for a renovated Wrigley Field. After taking a glance, Dawson sees a change coming.

  3. bodes very well for the team's depth. It was a case of good and bad for the 49ers special teams. First the good. Phil Dawson looks like he is going to be a very good kicker for the players at least based in the exhibition season to 55 yard field

  4. with the ones I think we've got some flexibility there that flexibility rule will continue to grow. You know I mean I think Dawson brings a great pedigree with and you know we had an injury a little bit. Before. You know kind of halted that. Austin's

  5. mightily last year before you have to replace him with Phil Dawson a very good year. With the Cleveland Browns the 49ers ..... best in the business no concern whatsoever about him. Phil dawson 's deficit in the offseason made the trek up Candlestick

  6. 49ers position-by-position breakdown: Specialists


    Tue, 23 Jul 2013

    follow on Wednesday. Today, Matt focuses on the specialists. Who they have: P -- Andy Lee, Colton Schmidt; K -- Phil Dawson ; LS -- Brian Jennings, Kevin McDermott; RS -- LaMichael James, Kyle Williams, Perrish Cox, Chad Hall, Quinton

  7. before it happens. Not just got to get to their pace and as long that we've got these these few weeks for the three seasons Dawson Oakland do justice the importance. Contact. Player a fifth unloads I got to look right here Hilliard had a little confidence

  8. It's normal place and that might necessarily the playbook is way bigger and Collison on a different play Dawson who is different from the last little. He knows this more mental than it was college what do you sense about this organization

  9. Keys to Kickham's major league debut


    Tue, 28 May 2013

    took them out of the major leagues. He throws a complete. And it's a shot out. And I three hitter against Tim Raines Andre Dawson Al Oliver the crawl Warren Cromartie Tim wall Chris speier. What an idea drove in a run as well give the challenger Walter

  10. the house to play TD of 82 games in the league so it's not uncommon for for goaltenders play a lot. We're only halfway through what would normally be a regular season so he looks they just go dawson 's take him him excitable player.

  11. Harbaugh: Dawson provides championship prerequisite


    Wed, 20 Mar 2013

    Jim Harbaugh sees three key aspects to a championship football team, and he's confident the team secured one of them in Phil Dawson .

  12. Dawson eager to kick at at Candlestick


    Tue, 19 Mar 2013

    Both Phil Dawson and Candlestick Park are on one-year contracts. And the new 49ers kicker wants to get to know his new home stadium before the final season at Candlestick Park kicks off.

  13. Dawson 'thrilled' to join 49ers


    Tue, 19 Mar 2013

    Phil Dawson was a Pro Bowler for the Browns last season. He is now a member of the 49ers, according to his Twitter account.

  14. clearly have the two best players. And LeBron and and then you can argue from there Chris Bosh is very accomplished. Is up Dawson just do things we've been doing. They're great basketball team. They're the champs until somebody proves them otherwise

  15. as far as that's concerned. It's a little bit I mean obviously you know those are tough situations is obviously Phil Dawson had an outstanding year also. But we certainly felt like. See that's was very deserving and very worthy of that that

  16. Raiders key matchup No. 1: Janikowski vs. Dawson


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    Beyond Sebastian Janikowski and Phil Dawson potentially deciding the game, they could also determine who will be heading to the Pro Bowl.

  17. NorCal boxing pound-for-pound Top 10


    Fri, 30 Nov 2012

    Andrei as Sochi were the reigning super middleweight champion of the world and somehow our biggest winner's career over Chad Dawson to the reigning light heavyweights Back in September or ordering in Oakland. I just embarrassed our fire course trainer or

  18. Willis: 'We dug ourselves a hole'


    Sun, 11 Nov 2012

    Lugo then knowing look at the phrases that they just kissing Gary kind of defeat in the you know in this you know you have to. Dawson had essentially you have to go right back at their own defense again. Missed self within our own bit for us and know that I

  19. hadn't really started. Training camp full scale yet always cheering for Brett but I is based on your work. Against Chad Dawson virtual honor ring in the years. The place it's become a hot bed and now we've seen him for doing low Fernando Guerrero

  20. had some great this past you were listed in that we can mr. Dawson took two and a well as far as the venue for the fight. Dan ..... yet which Brett. But knows based on your work. Against Chad Dawson virtual honor ring trinity years. The place it's become a