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Adams and Evans: Philip Rivers is a must-start QB in all leagues



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Thu, 10 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

I'm Scott -- Raiders insider for CSN California and this is your Raiders three and out. Topic number one deals with Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith who's a much different animal than the man they faced last week -- in. Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers now that's because Philip Rivers likes to take risks he's a gunslinger and a gamble there and the Raiders actually told three interceptions. Out of that game now Alex Smith is much more conservative a third of his passes are actually check downs to running backs or tight ends and he very rarely goes downfield with the ball. That said he's pretty effective throwing with an zero to nine yards and tends to move the chains slowly. And waits for that. Big play in the red zone that can that can officially score points now what does that mean for the Raiders. That means that their defense -- the play more aggressive bump and run style coverage and they need to tackle well to make sure that those. Five yard passes do not turn into fifteen yard gains and that's especially important for guys on the outside Mike Jenkins and in the nickel. Rookie DJ -- may have to play aggressive and at times they're not gonna get those big play interceptions and but as long as they tackle well and create unmanageable third downs they should be able to get off the field. On a regular basis. There are certain benefits to being first round draft pick DJ and and that's a much bigger paycheck and nicer car and. More fame when you're out walking the streets of Oakland but there's also some certain drawbacks and that's because. Everything that you do is under a microscope and that's been happening to DJ -- over. A very on even. First five games of his NFL career not early on you really saw that he made a lot of rookie mistakes he was playing. Away from wide receivers and quarterbacks were taking advantage. To the clip of more than half of his targets were actually being caught he wasn't taking the right angles towards tackles. And generally he was sort of a liability on the outside when he would come in during that nickel package over the last couple of games though. This guy is getting better and while it's his style to not play that. Up and up front aggressive bump and run. He generally likes the bait quarterbacks into thinking that their guys open but he's really not you silent in the fourth quarter against the Chargers would Philip Rivers thought he had an open window during the fourth quarter and DJ Hayden would completely horizontal may that he interception and helped the Raiders win that game but. Do Oakland Raiders coaching staff still wants to see Hayden. Be more aggressive and he and they believe that with a greater confidence comes greater results especially playing physical. Using leverage because he's still not that they granted the using leverage and making big plays upfront because. Over the first three games he allowed thirteen catches over the last two games he's only allowed three so things are getting better. He is gaining more confidence and that's a good thing for this raider secondary. Raiders center Stefan was missed he missed his fifth consecutive practice with a knee sprain he suffered against the Washington Redskins that's not a good sign. For the offensive line because they're losing their leader and their captain upfront. But they do have a pretty good back a -- Andrei Jerod now he's a five time pro bowler from back in the day with the Dallas Cowboys while he's lost a step. He's still functional leader for that offensive line he'll be key component to a running game that must be successful. In order to beat the Kansas City Chiefs now there's also good news because. Running backs Darren McFadden and Rashad Jennings practice for the second straight day. And Dennis Allen told me on Thursday that all signs point towards them playing on Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium now that's a huge thing because those guys are physical and tough and if you don't have a full compliment upfront those guys can still -- way into the second level and create big games.

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