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  8. Tracy Porter1:22, 2:05
  9. interior linemen3:23
  10. butts kicked3:25
Tue, 24 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

I'm Scott -- Raiders insider for CSN California and this is your Raiders three and out following a Monday Night Football loss. To the Denver Broncos topic number one deals with quarterback Terrelle Pryor who suffered a concussion late in that Monday night game. Head coach Dennis Allen talked during his press conference about Terrelle Pryor the uncertainty. Heading forward through this week not really certain if prior is going to be able to play. He has a pass a series of concussion related tests that are mandated by the NFL before he's cleared which sort of complicates things for the Raiders because they have to. Get Matt played up to speed and they have to have. A game plan that also -- Terrelle Pryor style of play now in order to do that. Dennis -- that he's gonna try to play it down the middle and treating game plan that works well for both guys. Now Matt Flynn is getting hit number one wraps until Terrelle Pryor passes these tests and and is able to go. Now. What they're gonna try to do is they really want prior to play but they're gonna play it safe with a guy that they believe could be their franchise quarterback and after talking to Matt Flynn. On Monday night he said he's gonna be prepped and ready to go if he's called upon against the Redskins. Terrelle Pryor wasn't the only Oakland raider to suffer a concussion on Monday night. Cornerback Tracy Porter also suffered a one during the third quarter. And his playing status for next week's game is also questionable. Because he US a pass a series of concussion related test now the really complicated thing with Porter is he plays more than one spot he played outside corner in the base defense that he was into the slot during the nickel package. So if so he and essence plays to different spots that would you try to replace him. That's when things get complicated now during the game they really had to reshuffle. Their secondary get quite a bit because Mike Jenkins who is their best outside quarter had to move inside because DJ is not comfortable playing that slot corner spot. And neither is Phillip Adams now. Where that really create some problems is that it might Jacobs has to have inside and Tracy Porter. Cannot go that you have a rookie DJ -- playing almost every snap on the outside and frankly he's not playing very well. Against the Broncos he only had one tackle. And he had six missed tackles that is. A true -- and I couldn't believe it either it's because he's not playing aggressive he's not playing he's not taking strong. Leads towards. Ball carriers and he's playing way off in coverage which is allowing guys like Peyton Manning and any NFL quarterback really to be able to target you. And go after you because Dennis Allen told me on Monday that he believes that he can just make a couple of plays and gained some more confidence. He will start being more aggressive and play better football. Raiders head judge Dennis Allen told me on Monday that. His Oakland Raiders lost the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball against the Denver Broncos but that was definitely true on the offensive side. Darren McFadden only had nine rushing yards and the -- had sixteen passing yards which is unheard of but he wasn't able to get that downhill style of running going downhill style means that you're running it in the age gap in the B gap. In between the tackles and just charging forward. Busting through that line and then using his speed to to make big plays in the second level of the defense. We can't very well do that if those interior linemen are getting their butts kicked as often as they were against the Broncos. -- Even Stephen was news to you sort of struggled at times and also Mike Rizzo didn't hold up. As well as he has in weeks past now if those guys are playing well this running game isn't that a function. As it should and that should be a scary thing moving forward now the Washington Redskins run defense isn't nearly as good as the NFL's best. Run defense in Denver but still this is a cause for concern if they can't get it right in the middle of that offensive line.

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