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Paul & Kate: How will Raiders replace DHB?



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Mon, 24 Sep 2012|

Paul and Kate talk about what the Raiders will do to account for DHB's absence, and sum up Dennis Allen's comments regarding the situation.


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We've got with those apart coming out this press conference is the fact that Darrius Heyward-Bey is actually at home resting after that concussion and neck injury. Very scary moment yesterday at the coliseum so really this is great news he's home however -- -- we know he has done through the protocol. We kind of Matt's dad coached on the questions what does that mean for the Raiders what did you take away that. -- from that was he was asked specifically with the Raiders look at the wide receiver position and looked out differs from free agents that might be out there to bring in the most of the group and and -- that's potential -- had to sit down with the general manager Reggie McKenzie and and figure out that's what they need it to do. A week ago or so two weeks ago Reggie -- said that he had no interest whatsoever in a TERRELL OWENS. Or Plaxico Burress for a Chad Johnson that's a lot of fans who is serving in the drums -- right now but. Situation has changed. But -- and you gotta look they also have relatively healthy rookie Silva on there on the bench -- in drawn Kreider who is supposed to be a red zone threat so. If Darrius Heyward-Bey cannot play this weekend and I would imagine they were just elevate him up. And also I talk about winning coach -- that peppered with some questions regarding that injury one of them -- with that helmet to helmet and what did you see in that play. Coach obviously yet they gave them really PC answer that what did you see in that and what's that say about coach -- I think he. He's. He knows. Not to say the wrong thing at certain times and it would have been really easy it would probably been. Understandable if he just came to the defense of his player right away -- it was dirty hit. You know and -- he's had times to sleep on it. To look at the play over and over again and holding anybody really tries to hurt somebody in the NFL anymore. But the fact of the matter is is probably going to be at FedEx envelopes sitting at Monday's locker comes Friday. Because it was I hit that was against the rules even though there wasn't a flag thrown on the play. But the fact that Dennis Allen did not take that opportunity to -- fire a shot across. The -- of the Steelers there and Monday in particular I think you spoke volumes about. He's young coach but he has the maturity as well -- to basically lived to fight another day on something like that. Great and we see that from coach acting like going back to Denver not a big deal follow the Miley.

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