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Wed, 23 Oct 2013|

CSNBayArea.com Managing Editor Nancy Gay joins Jim to talk about Frank Gore's Hall of Fame candidacy, and explains the criteria for being inducted.


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I'm managing editor CSN Bay Area dot com as Nancy -- she does get a vote and he's in the room when the debates happened -- tickets -- the criteria that the committee looks sad when you wanna consider a player to get into the pro football hall thing. One of the things that stands out about Frank Gore this season is the consistency. And you look at what he did last week and the week seven victory Tennessee seventy rushing yards but two rushing touchdowns 34 yards receiving and is calling cap for -- said. He's an integral part of their run blocking their pass blocking his blitz pick up all those things are great running backs do to help the team went. Overall body of -- -- you look at a guy's career do you look at how he performs in playoffs is it just a numbers based debate that you guys try to have it's it's certainly should not just the numbers based -- it has to be the body of work and playoffs are very important you wanna see a player that made a difference in the playoffs Michael -- made a huge difference for the Cowboys. What free course that is his playoff games for touchdowns last year. Came up huge in the Super Bowl is a big part of that Super Bowl effort even though they didn't win that will be considered -- -- inching toward that ten. Thousand yard rushing mark and that puts an answer rarefied air among very -- running back so it seems like they're number of criteria that you guys do use and it does. Very not just numbers easily get to 101000 approaching the different categories that we use that Super Bowl debate or that winning a championship debate it's not just having the ring. It's what you did to contribute to getting that ring absolutely -- what you've done during the season. -- that's very important voters what's his. A player that teams had to worry about every week a big game plan against this player Frank -- supplier that every team has to worry about. You don't stop Frank Gore. Then you know he's gonna get big charges can make the kinds of contributions we saw on week seven. Or it's gonna open up things for other players like -- -- he -- -- a teen a player that teams have to account for so -- have to do to -- in the discussion we can't say he'll be in -- out right now but what really have to do to get into the discussion. In that room for all the things it would be. Obviously helpful to win a Super Bowl another playoff. Run that would that it was similar to last year would definitely help and I just the consistency every week and and that kind of critique each and get from a calling -- predict that speaks volumes about what a consistent great helpful player this says to the winning effort of the 49ers that does help. His his cause and I just think he can stay healthy for a few more years. Keep being consistent player he's in reaching those numbers he's surpassed Roger credit to the eighteen categories. He's making an inference which actually leads to another debate that we'll have another time are managing editor is Nancy gay knows everything pro football she's in the room for the vote thanks for the -- -- come --

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