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2.16: Jon Miller with Greg Papa on Chronicle Live



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Thu, 27 Dec 2012|

Burris is not Wally Szczerbiak, but he is third on the team in tackles.


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Miles Burris and I Raiders insider Paul Gutierrez. No I'm not standing with -- Wally Szczerbiak and you're that a couple times miles nice with miles whereas the Raiders rookie linebacker. From way of Sacramento grant of guys went -- of course miles will talk about a lot of Raiders of the first. So the more personal to your heart -- -- -- in high school state champs the Long Beach -- -- what what how does that feel right now for you with that Greg are you got. Especially in a locker room with that the wide receiver session. I've been given him a little trouble talking and him and he's he's is going to be his week that created it turned it down and not on the I'm as excited for those -- is -- by one state. Being from Granite Bay and it's all the same traditions and coach Chris Cooper is doing a great job over there always has and you still feel part of it. When you when you look back on -- the memories like that and and obviously from you when you go from one level to the next and playing football high school college. The NFL what what changes from one level to the next I'm not trying to compare. The skill level or anything but just obviously you have to make an adjustment as you go from one level to the next yeah you have to adapt just because this. -- levels always gonna continuing trees you guys are going to be bigger and faster and stronger but. You know the further you go up the ranks he's still he's still guys that you're close to this you know when you play in high school football those are all your best friends in the you get to college and it's a similar deal bit you know -- on the frozen. We know what you look -- yourself a little more and still definitely a team game it. You know there's so many some aspects to his game now and it's a lot more -- it gets more and more complicated Santiago. Well played just the mental aspect of it and I'm sure just the business here about that you know as a rookie you're kind of shield it from a lot of the business aspects of it going. You know you're in week seventeen now -- NFL season what do you see in that locker room from not just a physical standpoint the mental set point. From the business aspect of what's going on all these roster moves that happened this year. Yeah that's wild and I ended in average and never stops there in the roster moves and he didn't. You guys you do you feel like you're getting pretty closer and then all of a sudden they're gone the next day in -- this is the latest businesses it's a rough Dillon. You you have to get used to that that's that's different to see him on because usually in high school college used to play the same guys for five years. The same time assist. It is a great environment it's a great facility and great team to do it's it's undergoing their -- working every day now when you were growing up you sip for Houston from the Raiders game. See things I mean the first time you put that that uniform on and you went out there on the field and and you experienced -- that crowd does mean is that there even way to kind of describe what that feels like being on the field it's cliche that saying all season everything that's happening right now it is really surreal. Being. You know things have grown up to this team. -- into games and seen oh my friends it and I almost never did imagine playing them in the stadium I did a little bit because it's just seems so far off announce here and it's almost like. It doesn't really sink -- you're still just playing football I think once I have had some time to take a step back after the season and in my field all sink in a little bit. It seems like even from your first OTAs mini camp. Throughout training camp. You fans are really excited about what you're gonna bring the the energy the high motor and things I got the tackling machine you were at San Diego State. But you were really penciled in to be a starter at the start -- the -- is Aaron that was Aaron -- shot -- acquired him last year. But now you look back and you started every single game entry was injured he came back he was released. When you look back on this year's rookie how how would you describe right now which is in some highs some lows but what would you kind of look at his whole rookie season for you so far. It's been a whirlwind and it's been moving so fast. I think I just so different and blessed and it's all kind of been in God's plan and came in and just on fire right away in. Can just continue to get better and better and then just seeing the progress from when I first got to training camp are back in spring. To where I am now -- really is a true blessing. And obviously -- -- and nothing but weak side linebackers and some other spots and at times but you primarily a -- a linebacker but it rumblings about next year I'm -- long time off. Moving to the insides of the -- in a 43 defense are you still set. Suited for that are that something that's just so far -- nine united -- gonna think about that. Yes one minute slows things that are really focused on right now son thing going on to San Diego and try to get a win. But you know if if if that wherever they come and if we feel suited for the position it's pretty similar. And then lastly gone back to San Diego going back to decide that your your college. Games at and a Qualcomm Stadium. How different second and be gone back to playing in NFL game as opposed -- -- -- -- -- and I don't think give us any bets in there. Overruled it's. Tonight definitely in the would that you really want to yeah no it's going to be -- it's I don't know I really don't know what to expect to believe that it's going to be just going to be in the environment again. And you know be in the Qualcomm Stadium -- some good memories there and hopefully create another and another good one. Thanks for -- time.

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