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10.10: Raiders practice -- Quentin Groves



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Tue, 10 Jan 2012|

Groves explains how he found out about the firing of Hue Jackson.


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In doing that from his home in Florida and -- and think you for joining us with are at that -- right now. I didn't ask you how did you find out of coach's fiery and what was your reaction. -- -- -- -- -- Don't grow in a tour and you know our movement toward retirement part of that we will certainly -- that -- -- what their -- And hadn't -- any of your teammates what's the mood right now the team. All the talk and go -- come up from improvement or what is pretty much Obama premise there really. Not printed the benefit -- -- attitude and they have a called me so regardless amid all the time to experiment and there were -- due to -- While we thank you -- taking a timeout at that tonight -- that. You would take it inside the locker room while West Coast Jackson might as the coach and a person Q players as we get the evidence out on the field. There -- -- -- dribbled over in together got him going on him and and some sort of expect him. But he was just there -- articles you know we can't join general impression on the back and all of the mood in the locker room are considered a -- Nomar would be -- And he is a fiery guy and I think an enthusiastic -- those are some of the pros for coach Jackson for shark. But did that ever getting away at things out there with it more top I was they're just as much action inside the locker room. At how to carry out coach Jackson's mission for the team that -- here. -- -- -- -- I know current road. Alright -- -- well there have been some rumors out there that say coach didn't have the best relationship with the players can you comment on that. DiMarco I can't comment on that milk. While Florida. What did take me inside a typical Sunday in the locker room what was that like when it's that stadium before you take the. One of the things you could before we do certain -- category. You know we have will be a greater -- are the metal -- we always preserve -- Yeah I think that coach came in. A psyche going Clinton. They're told -- that the -- Australia I was told to destroy electorate and most of intergovernmental made it. -- whenever wherever appropriate where there would be no connection of them actually spent from a -- amateurs try to put our religious group. Or under pressure -- -- accountable to get. -- And any of those things you're citing come from the great Al Davis and now. The team lose without Davis this year dealing with so much off the field. And I wonder how much interaction you guys have with mark that hockey players beforehand. And you would talk at times and that's the mister Davis he was that every game so was Mark Davis what was his interaction with that he. I'll probably -- they've got you there are two mark Brooks mark goes into the ground defectors are below on what you PP Gado would like to open a way that you weren't. -- -- -- train but not all the -- and you know you've got to gain entry would be would sort of contract should he would. -- -- chance to talk about Larkin groupings our spiritual. If -- the -- -- -- just registrar there have been better prepared he was always in touch with a live and all want to be neutral it was clear that Obama looked his age well peak nearly got a little bit -- governmental. Really appreciate all the all the good ball and put it -- -- And -- I was -- you last year almost a year that day when we found out about coach cable be like -- this team now a year later coached Jackson by. So I wonder what Tampa -- to fifteen meeting that I want to a lot of turmoil if you are to put on Paper to hire the next leader of the silver and black. What do you -- qualities they need path. While I think it. Aware permit because of it because grow -- to learn -- the the -- great our big is your mother and older women who. Of course in the winning and we're trying to -- crucial but an organism Derrick walker could be used to be -- -- which is where Hawks who -- low round to bring Barca well. I think from. Where there are going to be someone director of cultural winning you know try to win don't ever -- were clearly know our pro am in no particular. And having said that does it help after it -- this season and you guys really weighing parts and your -- trying to win that game to be in the playoffs. And it comes down that I'll game and they -- out. After the game coached some pretty choice words I need to -- he with pit stop. What did -- do for players I mean -- you'd like feeling that and when your coach says that are you feeling. Oh absolutely you know. Or little remote because you do admit well -- a member of -- -- prior to the -- so Q do you consider those big WQ yourself America. -- our leader of our. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know horrible word but it probably a big -- broken arm guard or give it their all as on guard born. Wherever they can their -- normal arm so. Our -- our scrimmage frustration and our our Nomar would notice criticized -- -- -- -- and -- and bad record in order to jump a great team in between is not. Put -- put the great sharper so you know on. The words Mary you get that very moment there -- -- but you know you can put it better or.

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