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Three and Out: Raiders need McFadden, Chiefs fans looking to break record



  1. Charles Woodson1:23
  2. Alex Smith1:46
  3. Seattle Seahawks2:43
  4. Kansas City Chiefs1:07
  5. San Diego Chargers1:42
  6. Darren McFadden0:14, 0:20, 0:44
  7. San Francisco 49ers2:45
  8. Qwest Field3:05
  9. crowd noise2:25, 2:41, 3:13
  10. jet engine2:54
Fri, 11 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

I'm Scott -- Raiders insider for CSN California and this is your Raiders three and out. Topic number one deals with the health and playing status of running back Darren McFadden who was officially listed as questionable on the team's injury report. Now after talking to Darren McFadden. After Friday's practice we don't know anymore this guy toed the company line. Straight down the tightrope every time he said that he felt good he countered by saying that yes to see and wait for the coaches alternate choice come. Game time now. Ever all signs point to this guy playing because he practiced each day this week albeit it in a limited capacity now. Darren McFadden also the week before that it might be a good idea to rest his sore hamstring until the bye week all of this just creates question marks where they're probably shouldn't be. And Darren McFadden didn't give away any clues even when we asked him directly did. Could you played today he said yep probably I would give it my best effort which isn't a yes. Definitely isn't -- know what they need this guy in order to be as strong Kansas City Chiefs team that excels against the past. Which means that they need a strong physical runner up the middle to be able to counter whatever Kansas City does in in the secondary and stay balanced on offense. This Raiders defense doesn't have much star power beyond free safety Charles Woodson. But you can tell that it's getting a lot better now early on in the season they were good at open field tackling. And now they're starting to gang tackle and really strip the ball away and create. Big plays negative plays and turnovers after two games without a single take away they now have eight including five last weekend. Against the San Diego Chargers now against the Chiefs that's going to be difficult because we all know that Alex Smith their quarterback likes him. Make mistakes -- doesn't like to throw into danger areas and you have a running back like Jamaal Charles. The speedy quick excellent in the open field and rarely turns the ball over -- doesn't mean that this team isn't going to fight for turnovers scratching -- try to get off the field on third down because they know that the little details. Are going to win then this game. And in the Raiders locker room there is a bunch of boxing gloves hanging out saying. Will you fight at the line of scrimmage and that's going to be so crucial especially for a defensive line that needs to win in the trenches in order to win Sunday's game. Raiders have piping in crowd noise all week in anticipation of Iraq as seen on Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium. But I don't think that can truly prepare them for what's going to happen in Kansas City. Against the Raiders and that's because the air ahead stadium fans are trying to set a world record. For crowd noise me which was -- just a couple weeks ago in the Seattle Seahawks. Played the San Francisco 49ers. But the Pacific northwest now that record was 133 point six and just as a point of comparison and you're standing a hundred feet away from a jet engine. That's 140 you could suffer serious hearing damage know what they're trying to do is get is get past that Seahawks mark in anything is possible. Because air -- stadium is built much like Qwest Field up north. We may have acoustics that point directly back down to the field though I talk betrayal prior. On Friday and he said crowd noise -- crowd noise man and at some point you just have to deal with that and roll with the punches no matter how loud they get.

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