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9.8: Q&A with Hall of Fame QB Jim Kelly



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Thu, 9 Sep 2010|

Jim Kelly gives his take on why west coast QB don't succeed in Buffalo.


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I we get our Sunday. Football is back -- Sunday Raiders post game live right after letter opener. In Nashville on California later for a forty got a post game -- Leon. -- Comcast sports net Bay Area sports that central for Sunday night draft -- -- and Tony we can't wait for Sunday. Actually I can't wait for tomorrow night because the NFL's season will kick off tomorrow with a. Vikings and New Orleans in a rematch of the NFC championship game a guy who won four straight. AFC title -- the Hall of Fame quarterback by the Buffalo Bills Jim Kelly joins -- sun chronicle live from a New York City are you as excited as I agenda began the NFL season tomorrow night. Maybe more excited I mean. When you're limited northeast who -- worded you know the least are all often treated smell in the air off I'll call I'm excited without a doubt. Thank you were one of the great quarterbacks in your era but I was looking it up today you you if you came close in 93 but you never passed for 4000 yards in your career. Last year ten quarterbacks I -- for a thousand or more are we in the golden era of quarterback play in this tortured. There's no -- opening up the offense is more. Yeah I that's what fans want to see that's what the viewer wants to see they wanna see the high powered offense and more of the spread offense not so much her play action off tackle right off tackle left they wanna see a wide open. Demonized figure seeing that I mean with all these quarterbacks throw for that long yards. Madson back today -- Ron Amadon Elway Marino myself -- Boomer Esiason Randall Cunningham over 4000 yards -- would have been fun. Well you had a little bit of thought on the USFL of course of mouse Davis run and they in the running should there are you took a little bit of a version of that in the NFL but. You know we're all gonna watch Peyton Manning every single Sunday get up -- a lot of go through his histrionics Torre's check it and nodded and thank you your water really started erratic boomer and the Bengals -- the one year before what you did but tell me what you were doing at the line with that. K gun offense you ran with the bills. What you try to keep up fast pace off we realized how tired that made the defense a lot and I mean -- member Howie Long. In the AFC championship game screaming at me to slow the offense down a little bit but. My -- a lot -- loved it because the defense like could put your cleats of the -- come after excited they were so tired. So it's slowed down that pass rush. I should try to catch deep fences -- -- they try to substitute. You know from -- -- -- to a dime we weren't so what's your offensive tried to catch them doing it you know what we wanted to make sure that they capped the five defensive backs in the game because. That wherever you -- both -- and a pass and when he did. Go under sixty that's -- backs we could run middle of the more than they would like us to lose so why it was fun it was a great air up I enjoy it now loved watching a high powered. Odd no huddle offense and like Peyton does nowadays. And the one common denominator between the Colts have today in your bills was Bill Polian who was there with over John Butler to help build your great team another GM. The Indianapolis Colts and he has on the competition committee has curious to me what they're doing with the placement. Of the umpire this year Jim I know it's for safety reasons the employees to sit there in the line backing corps he got -- killed if they're putting them back where the referee is a twelve yards behind -- the quarterback how do you think that will impact the temple Peyton Manning and the no huddle offenses around the NFL. Ball is -- we will slow dot to a certain point but. The way I look at is if you get a guy bits and on par and he's gonna become another get a -- quicker. Have them understand what team here is officiating because if it's more of a team like the Indianapolis Colts like going to the Patriots third like New Orleans Saints. Team delight that fast paced offensive quick got quick thrown. He would get a guy can get it and get out there quicker. And maybe if you have to put a guy an official order to better shape. That he could move a little quicker we just love what I need of power was in the middle because at times yeah it would set a receiver across the the offense. And tried to almost like set up there. We're a defense aback there was coverage not receiver would run into the official or slow down so I'm not for -- what's it put back yeah. Group alongside Andre Reed was so good -- there on the crossing -- -- tight end paid matzo Lars and even Thurman circling out of the backfield. I do wanna get your thoughts on and a modern day. Buffalo Bills when your ability guys -- the playoffs every year rated -- eleven years you're the quarterback for the bills committed to the playoffs they have the longest drought. In the NFL as you know they not gone since the music city miracle they got a job in. Nashville years ago but updated sun Trent Edwards the young Stanford quarterback for you were somewhat critical of last year his he -- you back over Jeff. Well yes and the thing about it is that in his you won't know. He gives you can. Pick parts of the interview one air. And I are you I said guys don't have the Goodyear and and does seem like every town we drafted northern -- or California quarterback becoming the Buffalo, New York I'm not talking about Dallas or San Diego huh. Hostile about Buffalo, New York could do seem to fare very well but also. I title on the end of that bad stuff no I feel sorry for because I think. Four out of five his -- -- were injured. The offense coordinator got our break before the seasons so Thursday's that he could not. Could not happen as far as -- from he would like like every other quarterback would be but. He's got a new system new coaches in this conference to step up and I think he could do what I saw the pre season games. He faired pretty well and I'm affair and as I hope he does well I'm and I know everybody at Buffalo hopes he does well. And you gotta be careful what you say because whenever you say anything especially in Western New York it is great impact who knows one today as you may be tried edwards' boss. Tony -- long range plans we we love Ralph Wilson. That mr. Wilson hit a ninetieth birthday and we're not know about the ownership of the team after not mr. Wilson if there's no longer -- so when you put a group together to try to keep the bills in Western New York. Are you do have a number of people that are are very interested in you know doing some with the Buffalo Bills doctor bills mr. Wilson. Does pass but I hopefully that's awful long time he's a great owners kept the franchise the Buffalo for over fifty years of there's so many people are trying to get the bills have taken away from Western New York but. Ralph Wilson kept the -- in Buffalo, New York can die I think it's -- -- for while I just can't see. On Roger Goodell is dot since he is upstate New York got -- -- will let the Buffalo Bills leave the State of New York or even upstate new York and I can't imagine all the politicians. The only team that is in the State of New York as the Buffalo Bills so I hope they stay in on the do whatever it takes to make sure they do. They had to share the Jets and Giants play across the river than others live in -- Jersey Jeff joins us from midtown Manhattan today you are -- the beast of it right there New York City and if I got great cause is always the depend campaign to end it. Prostate cancer I can't believe you turned fifty years of baggage -- ever -- broke into the league but I tell me about have a navy check up when you turned fifth because this is not that big a deal as it. Yeah I know it's not a big deal and also some blood test I mean you go with your doctor. And you're going to appear fiscal make sure they test your PSA it's very simple. While wanted to -- dot com they have my PSA test on there with my family doctor. The staggering numbers one out of every six -- -- in the United States are diagnosed with prostate cancer. Every single year. And we want definitely helped that not so all those guys have figured too macho to go and get -- physical. Or do that all I'll be good enough shape I played basketball. I do this war got. Now did your test done sooner than later because it's not only treatable it's beautiful but he got a deal to get irrigated take care of soon. Are nobody's more macho they know Jim Kelly when he went to Penn State to Joe Paterno wanted to make him a linebacker that would have been blasphemy -- Terrible Jim thank you so much for your time good luck this year with the when the Buffalo Bills we do appreciate it. I appreciate your -- thank you that is Jim Kelly the Hall of Fame quarterbacks speaking out for the depend campaign hoping to end -- prostate cancer are. The baseball campaign well and it in three and a half weeks but which team wins the National League west might be decided by this weekend up next to reconvene the -- For a detailed breakdown on the west. And wild card offences in the National League. This is chronicle live presented by auto trader got time. I would resort and it's I don't know -- -- sound. Tonight it's haven't. Giants. Whine too Mike. To check. Likewise checked 12. Might wind.

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