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Mon, 14 Oct 2013|

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Let's keep it moving here on Yahoo! Sports talk live bring in Mike Florio you read his stuff pro football talk which is one stop shopping for a football fan -- -- -- -- football -- America. 49ers nicely against the Cardinals Vernon Davis emerges as a threat we -- well Bolden how important is it for Davis to be a threat for the offense. Well it's critical because there's been something wrong with the passing game remember last year. When calling -- became the quarterback there was a perception and Randy Moss the former 49ers receiver. Kind of gave some life to this with things you said a few weeks ago about Davis and -- hopping on the same page. Well there -- on the same page on Sunday that's going to be key component to this team to maximize its potential. And we think down the road Michael Crabtree comes back and having crumbled then you have Vernon Davis clicking with cap -- -- The passing game could become a lot better than what we've seen so far this year. Like to seal the deal though in the second half midway through that second half they go to the ground game the ground and pound is that the right recipe. Throw the ball early but really do damage with the ground game. Absolutely. -- even if it means -- throwing to set up the Ron once you get that lead you hold that lead are relying upon Frank Gore. You can keep your cards close to your best is a thing you're thinking of doing in the passing game different ways of utilizing calling cap -- run the ball on the ball on the ball and you can't pass selectively and effectively. That's great that's great balance to the offense and helped give the team balance to go against and with that great defense. Are your colleague Scott Pioli thinks that there's going to be some wide receiver movement the NFL. On the 49ers one of the teams that maybe we can look at who could be involved in some of that movement for a wide receiver. -- murder scene the forty -- swing a trade. In the pre season acquiring Jonathan -- giving up on former first round pick JJ Jenkins but when you're talking about acquiring a veteran receiver. Relatively late in the regular season a lot of moving parts and how much are you really going to get out of that guy if you're running him for the balance of the season. How much can you really expect if you would bring in just to throw out a name -- team next. What can you really get from a team next bringing into a new system with only limited weeks -- are you trying to get him ready for the post season run and what are you willing to give up to get him. What -- the Giants want for him a lot of different factors have to come together just perfectly for trades to get done but unlike past years. We now have a trade deadline it comes the Tuesday after we -- so there's still two weeks left for teams try to work out a deal. I'm like let's move over the Raiders Terrelle Pryor tough loss for the Raiders throughout prior afterwards after a tough -- took full responsibility. Should he have done that. He needed a little bit more help didn't prior took all responsibility for the loss. You have been if you want a quarterback to become a leader of a team you don't want that quarterback out there saying well we had some problems in protection and I got sacked ten times. You want a guy who's gonna own it because he realizes you get the credit and you get the blame so is willing to take the blame because he's not gonna call out his teammates. In front of the media Smart move a veteran move from a quarterback that. It's still looks to be the answer over the at least short term if not long term for the Raiders. Wanna talk fan behavior is a little bit of a tricky -- San Francisco. It was circumstance -- a player goes down and the fans are doing the wave and -- couple weeks ago against the Texans player goes down. Fans start jeering and cheering. What is that line that delicate line that fans have to walk. When there's an injury or circumstance on the field how delicate is that line. Well they cross it from time to time on what happens is it isn't every fan but the minority will stand out whether it's the minority chairing an injured player the minority engaged in the way I think what happens is. When you have bought that ticket in the tickets don't get any cheaper and get more more expensive you feel certain entitlement to act a certain way. You throw in with that the anonymity comes from being a crowd who get people who say things and do things that they ordinarily wouldn't do it a one on one setting. You can set the stage for some bad behavior some folks are on apologetic about it and who will do it again because -- I've paid this money I'm allowed to say and do whatever I want it's a shame and it's good that they get caught out by people like 49ers CEO Jed York so maybe next time. When the wave starts when a player is injured -- put on a stretcher some of the other fans are saying hey what are you people doing this is not appropriate time this kind of behavior.

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  13. Brandon is downstairs. Sitting he's comfortable. Back Brandon let's get to that first inning and ray and I were talking about affected her and he's got such good changeup it's almost like the splitter. Big strikeout pitch. He didn't show that you later in the were you surprised by that. Well. I

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