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Raiders' RB Rashad Jennings' hyperbaric chamber



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Mon, 21 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

I'm Scott -- Raiders insider for CSN California this is your Raiders three and out. Topic number one deals with the -- ailing and always injured raiders' offensive line which didn't get a lot better during the course of the bye week. Because the same unit that gave up ten sacks. And fourteen quarterback hits to the Kansas City Chiefs that was the exact same five guys lining up with the first team line during Monday's practice. And that's a pretty bad sign because that didn't include Stefan was new ski or even second string center Andre Jerod didn't include right tackle Tony Pashos instead it included -- Third straight -- a third string right guard. And -- young player playing right tackle that doesn't have a lot of experience now. Going up against a very physical always tough Pittsburgh Steelers. Run defense our defense in general is going to be a big problem but is no time to hit the panic button quite yet because it's just a Monday now we still -- Wednesday and Thursday to go but if we hit Thursday. And these guys aren't back on the field it could spell major trouble. For the Raiders offense just like it did against the Chiefs. It's hard to say that at Oakland Raiders running game that ranks number nine in the NFL and averages four point seven yards per carry is really. A major cause for concern but Dennis Allen said that he took a close look at that written. At that running game sorry during the bye week try to figure out how they could get more consistent because right now while the numbers overall are pretty high. Terrelle Pryor is the team's leading rusher that's not good when you had Darren McFadden Rashad Jennings and Marcel Reece. Already the ball nearly double the amount of time that prior season. And also because Darren McFadden while he is averaging. I'd just about four yards per carry a lot of those yards came in big chunks against the Jacksonville Jaguars and since then he's out of it hurt there's been a lot of runs of one yard two yards sometimes negative one or two yards and those types of runs do not set up manageable third downs because you're not getting. Three four sometimes five yards for those first and second on runs you put yourself in third and long positions and that's how drives. Get killed that's how you so I don't gain those kind of steady point that you need to keep up with the the likes of the Kansas City Chiefs. Or even the Pittsburgh Steelers that they're going to face on Sunday. And the key because again that Raiders have jumped out to big leads or even just leads in general over the last three games. They have been able to hold -- well because they cannot run consistently if those types of things that have to change if the Raiders hope to start. A winning streak that can get them back in the playoff hunt. It's hard to say that in Oakland Raiders running game ranked number nine in the NFL and one that averages four point seven yards per carry is a real cause for concern the head coach Dennis Allen. Talked on Monday extensively about. Really putting their running game under the microscope the trying to figure out how to get more consistent yardage out of that running game. Because while this has been a big play part of their offense especially in gains of more than twenty yards it hasn't had that steady type of. Production I can keep him out of third and long situations and that's what they definitely want to avoid here because in recent weeks. They've been able to establish leave that they have been able to hold very well and. How do you hold the lead you run consistently you keep churning out first downs and you get points no matter what whether it's three or seven. They need to do more of that especially against the Pittsburgh Steelers defense that is so physical and so tough against the run they've got to get those. Yards in smaller increments Wear them down and then break the big ones later on if they wanna be is very tough AFC opponent.

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  1. Combine week did provide enough time to get all steamed up Raiders healthy as key members of the offensive line we're still missing Monday. But just surprised Dennis Allen played poorly on that topic. Won't do anything to address injuries right now. But. It's could be back. This be the back to work

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  5. In order to beat the Kansas City Chiefs now there's also good news because. Running backs Darren McFadden and Rashad Jennings practice for the second straight day. And Dennis Allen told me on Thursday that all signs point towards them playing

  6. Hopeful that connection. Yes there's never been question in my mind so I'm excited for us and how important are definitely some. Sort of running game going if he is important week in week out running game those important. a part of a stolen car except at temple and you know we did we got a great

  7. start off with the injury report time on Breaston practiced today Rashad Jennings was limited. Darren McFadden was limited he was limited. Tony Pashos was back limited today. Marcel Reece was limited in a middle

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  9. let him go. Raiders running backs Darren McFadden and Rashad Jennings have suffered hamstring injuries and back to back weeks ..... offense in three of them so again should McFadden and Jennings not be able to recover in time. Reese is going to be

  10. know the status of running back Rashad Jennings or Darren McFadden. How important ..... between the tackles running game that Jennings and McFadden. Can bring to you ..... re hoping and it sounds like Jennings might be a little bit closer to

  11. Part really the only injury. In the game dad didn't finish Rashad Jennings with a hamstring. He wouldn't have things. Other than that everybody else was able cents a game. You know I thought this was

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  14. health. More than he needs practice reps but if he can't go in this hamstring strain chooses to be a real problem. Rashad Jennings is going to be that guy you'll be at a pretty good game against the Redskins but I caution. Being overly confident

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  16. touchdowns but also he's an insurance policy. At the halfback spot because of Darren McFadden can't go and and ever shot Jennings will be the starting guy but. Marcel Reece gives a solid insurance policy. To run the football should anybody else get hurt

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  18. That the industry would you think you did well short of the ball and there's certain things you. Could mean you know it's added I didn't do. Enough we needed to win. So. You know mistake critical moment so was critical on everybody on office on the ball. Trying to nitpick at things that we can do

  19. Yard gain that. End up but manageable third downs first downs and more scores. It's more about that big home run play that Jennings and Jeremy Stewart just don't have and that's what they're really missing is that true dynamic play making ability that

  20. troubles as we all know by losing McFadden and Reese back to back like that was a real killer. And I just think that Rashad Jennings he's a good back up but. Three yards per carry isn't good enough and that's not what they would have gotten