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  1. Nate Burleson1:19
  2. Rashad Johnson0:22, 0:52
  3. Don Johnson0:34
  4. Cardinals0:21, 0:24, 0:39
  5. Lions1:18
  6. Detroit1:18, 1:21, 1:22
  7. pizza boxes1:31
  8. wee hours1:29
Wed, 25 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

And -- she has done -- Collins Joe's sports correspondent. Always so happy smiley chip -- Gosh she's so close of the weekend she's just I feel excited just coming through the screen yes I know look at you you're just so bright eyed and ready to go. I -- find out what's -- here Mel and I wanted to do in the NFL. Because it's my understanding that Arizona Cardinals safety Rashad Johnson and the Cardinals are bringing new meaning to determine where number one. They're bringing in the inning though I you know I thought my game until someone who ended up being here -- -- and -- Don Johnson and severed his thing here in the game against the Saints this past week so. The Cardinals came up with this genius marketing plan a -- about these phones -- on the -- what amounts -- looks like well -- nightmares to look like it's -- -- -- Only -- -- -- -- is Saturday at C mats that cover Rashad Johnson and I've pretty clever I don't know if it's really a joking matter but I mean it might -- -- make light of the situation they've got a -- he had to have signed off on that right I mean Terry and yeah did the picture up on Twitter at the end you wanna -- is severed finger check -- as to -- -- -- I did. Yeah that's not -- and I don't yeah. I'd rather look at that on finger version we've been -- all -- -- easier to stomach speaking of easier to stomach got on a good slice of pizza hmmm maybe not as much as the Detroit Lions wide receiver Nate Burleson and yet. A Detroit within the Detroit paper that some that somehow has some fun with them. -- -- -- website so we know he was that car -- early in the wee hours of Tuesday morning because his pizza boxes were sliding off the frenzied. -- try to save them of course it took a dive off the road and end up crashing into a bank in the middle of an interstate so. -- day if it's only funny because you've got tagged it's not really not funny but he broke environment. And that check out this website they do an article on it and you can see the genius placement of the dominos peep out of you you're in there Rackley isn't your right. Just thought -- -- it happens to love it -- -- you know what kind of view that was because. You know I have to say -- in their report that would keep those lighting up the frenzied -- you know I bouquet of flowers and you wanna save and I -- Bora beverage aren't that ran there. Averages probably wouldn't mind a legal beverage at my dad I believe your drive better not legal leverage exactly what's your favorite pizza we'll kind of pizza you like I Hawaiian I like pineapple. Look at you and the Hawaiian pizza. There really has nothing on me -- a man elected needs angle -- sausage and now you know sausage pizza for me.