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Ray McDonald joins the 49ers Postgame Live crew



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Sun, 20 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

Very good. Right up the baton special teams -- is -- outstanding. They're just playing without fire and coverage teams gave us great field position meaning in the first half. And then you know during play but there remorse and Kassim Osgood throwing just. -- lay awake at night and dream about it looks like an error of going through snow that was. I was 43 speed. And -- semis good. Savvy veteran is. -- pounced on the mistake and it was great great play. Yeah he heats -- -- -- but yes you can play in the -- Q you played really well on. -- Yes he's. He's been very very good you know I started as an understudy on the practice squad and has made made other plays in this game oblivious to tackle before that that play. So he is. He is really. Come into his own and did it happen at a great time force. And all them. -- sometimes you bring it out. And then you put your way and according to bring her back out and it's it's a great tool to have it's it's just it's it's a club and in our back. Yeah. Yeah. I was over here. You didn't. -- He's he's doing a very good job of did damage he took some licks in caps tough guy and we protect him. As much as camp. Their catcher first so. -- -- I'm I'm not aware of those -- yeah. And just these. Continues to get. To get better you know every game since he's been since he's been playing. A game ball last week you thought it was very effective. Again today both running and throwing. And I can't say enough good things about. It. -- It was good. Because it's. And Brosius was a big game we're treated like. The biggest game of the season because it because there was our next game remain. When it's game seven this was this was game seven force them. And we're treated like game seven of the World Series during game seven of the Stanley Cup. Now on the next game being game day and we'll treat it -- just saying most important in the season. -- -- I can take a lot of things that. That. You know they were and a competitor the the is he is a wonderful competitive part he is. Very talented. Both as a from a physical standpoint and from a from metal stamp -- just extremely. Extremely Smart. Quick thinker. You know reacts to the things he can he can juggle. Many concepts and is in his mind. Memorize his things extremely well. -- -- pretty long list. We talk about houses and. Through through the best in the game. And he's a great leader for our football team. Respected by everybody in the organization. That's speaks volumes. Yes yes. I thought he was. He talked to him I thought WP was. He was. He's playing like himself again today. Last week was good. Don't get me wrong by those standards and that Patrick is sentence or is Navarro and they were. Your -- that they're there high level today. There. He. Oh hole. -- -- Yeah he's he thought there was a possibility. It's. That I. -- -- Okay. Yeah and turned it Millen. Now now. They were pretty tight checkers those having trouble getting them in there. It. It. -- -- Yes and that's that's the objective. You know we we thought that would be very difficult to do. We were out to be a very physical team today because. It -- for real football -- isn't real physical football here. And we respected that and do we -- gonna have to. You know play at that high with a -- physical reality today I thought our guys did that. Yeah a lot of recorders. You know it's tough to compare and a record and say. What was the best. Yes he did he had a great block. It. -- not at practice so much but I mean he's got practice of nine years now playing in in the NFL and frank. This is where he does that mean you watch in pass protection and then. -- Whether he has if he doesn't have the ball and he's a blocker. As to where he he approaches it that it was a there's great blocking by others on that play but there was a great great crumbled had a great block sort of. The good part of we'll -- And yeah. It's. What he's part of that he's part of the Reid need to be getting the ball but we didn't get the ball and -- Whereas the ball and other -- blockers. I don't know for sure. It. Eric to go back in the game as positive. And really proud Glenn Dorsey. And Ray McDonald. You know soldier enough today. -- He evolved B yeah him and he had more more reps and. -- It was great seeing him his first action. It. Out. Had a good idea Friday and radio play and Saturday he had said he felt good came back today said he felt good. Them. You know -- when he had more get more warm up you know for this can't really keep Mormon and loose. -- and he did a good job. Things -- runners. -- agree disagree -- force there was. Great road win. Had a lot of families here for this game -- Kilgore -- at a cost 200. Friends and relatives. The Willis. Patrick's family was here. Quinton Patton -- from here. Mom came over cooked last name and many family members this is -- they could see it growing. When we landed. Just how many relatives from the midwest in the south and and he's came over Navarro is. Mom was here also missed -- here I was that was Nancy. So. It's always always always good to play well and win. Effort for our families that are in the midwest and the East Coast himself. -- That that. I'm not. Not real knowledgeable on exactly when that's going to be put I think that's. At some point here in the next couple weeks and -- things here things are all very well. Players. -- to. Work. I stayed in London. -- home that's one. Does it actually. -- -- -- -- Yes -- Crabtree out there and -- -- -- here we can't fully loaded. To Tennessee we'll follow it say. Hmm oh. Yes. Well. I am. I'm hopeful but I'm not a definitive. Source. And that any announcement there.

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