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9.8: Richard Sherman on facing former coach Jim Harbaugh



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Mon, 16 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

Super Bowl with a 34 minute game delay the 49ers came out better than they played in the first half an hour rain delay here in Seattle and -- the team didn't fare any better when they came out. In the second half and facts they just moralist all of Hart I just I characteristic of what Jim Harbaugh wants his team that the ugly. Three turnovers penalties and of course injuries as well. Yeah and this is a tough matchup for the forty and -- he didn't need any convincing before this and think about last year. The putting originally scored thirteen points in each of those games and this is the high powered offense. That's -- -- they ran all over the green bay Packers and through all over the Green Bay Packers cap for next had a huge game against the Packers all went had a huge game. But Seattle is the typical match of Richard Sherman got the best. And Anquan -- cap Burnett really compounded the 49ers lost their composure in this game and he. Mark went up to the Seattle Seahawks that quest to win the NFC west they took a step forward I mean there's still a lot of football to be played. But Seattle served notice that they're gonna be tough to beat the. The season according to defense did their job holding Russell Wilson to his lowest quarterback rating and a 64. That's pretty low in his last ten games he's over six and an interception interception and minus five yards passing. You know before that rain delay but it Ahmad -- but it's a volley as we -- simply on the field too much the turnovers just killed that defense. Turnovers by the offense is still the 49ers defense is Seattle have the ball for nearly 37 minutes. So this game coming up by turnovers and twelve penalties. He was just simply not a good performance on any -- I -- the defense I thought played well for most of the game but he set I mean. It comes a point where -- he just buckle you don't win win. When you're out there on the field so often but you're a couple big injuries on defense is certainly hurts the 49ers in Williams don't know that it's him and he's out for the season but he's going to be out a significant period of time. With a broken ankle also Eric -- sustaining concussion he's gonna have to pass through the entire NFL protocol on concussions before he can return to the field. Ray McDonald I think is okay he's he took had X rays after. All I know broken bones but you with a name called you don't know how he would be he's going to be 49ers have to put this behind them. He -- back to the drawing board against the. Indianapolis Colts on Sunday Ernie Davis also left the game with a hamstring injury mean a lot of emotion different emotions from his players after this game some variants that others -- They were glad this -- happened early did you look forward to December against these guys that. As I said it is is just it was ugly loss especially when you see how well they've played last week I mean they just could not get anything going. Offensively held without a touchdown for the first time since last October when they lost to the Giants you know me not -- cabinet and -- Twelfth in it they'll start including the playoffs the first time he's thrown more than one interception. He threw three interceptions at the big one was after that the great golf blocked punt. 49ers had a chance to make the statement early get a chance to quiet the crowd a little bit in what happened. Interception so he was a significant turning point in this game the corners did not score in the first half the first half despite to nothing. In the Seattle. Turned it on in the second half they they played a great game. Corners defense plays that played well for most part -- and Russell Wilson on Marshawn Lynch in Seattle's defense really set the tone in the second half.

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  20. overdo it to Cleveland and he was I guess you'd have to say a bus and they sent him on his there. He had he had a head coach Sherman who was supposed to develop he didn't develop the head coach they got rid of him to. There was a lot of question about his