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Mon, 24 Oct 2011|

Jackson talks about Jason Campbell's role with the team, and talks about some of the rookies.


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What interaction with you it's Jason involved in kinda healthy but he's solid -- -- -- -- that Kyle. What's this. Interaction that you guys -- they're getting in the next. I said the hardest things that I mean Jason this year. Involved -- -- and come out on the field come to the game. I mean I don't I don't like I said as I told him -- tell anyone Jason Campbell -- -- a reason why we're reform to. You know is very unfortunate He got hurt He was playing some really good football and -- -- -- we had it in my opinion the -- was and the next best thing for the football team and that's what we did and this organization and that's what we set today. You talk about -- rookies -- is He has made adjustments he's also had quarterback changes how well he's eighteen. Play especially at -- I think he's done some really good things -- me and when we brought him in here because Samson Satele was an army team. At that time I thought He was going to be senator and He went to training camp. And his most natural position has -- -- guard. And he's done a tremendous job and obviously we had a hole at that position moves and Robert Gallery. And He stepped right in there from probably the third week in training camp and has played really well thus far. One do you do anything to improve this team. Could improve this program. Oh well I'll -- that's a big that's a big name I don't know that he's healthy you know I think. Anybody can confuse an improved team and I think we improved team from its first. I think now we have some pieces and now he's got pieces like this it just two weeks ago where -- an -- in every category you can. You know -- really well and -- them all over it. And sustain drives and finishing it and now it's. On a slow and that's I understand you know I think you can see so we need to do -- -- right. It. And do the things you know we need to do it felt really good football team run an oval which do we need to get the passing game to match that we can use his work from our. For work tomorrow. I -- it -- -- and even though He was working tomorrow and probably I'm sure our scouts don't see everybody work but I don't. I'm not. I'm not actively chasing tomorrow. When you look at the film what did you like about cars obviously had some some problems but one of the things -- you so I'm looking back it is the game. I've seen it done -- police. His leadership. You know and a guy who had no feel walking in game live on the challenge but we've. Been going on competing you know He employed. And I said to him make Carson. Was like going into view of that -- said -- kidney let's go you know then. The rest is happen only did very unfortunate I mean that was a tough deal for him to put him in that situation but I know it. And if there's any guy that can handle it. He could rather would really really good or rather what really really battle and obviously went to the latter of the two. But He I don't see him looking to daylight woman guys who have gotten myself into. He's like what can I get these guys that we can get better and go to work so we will get this thing will definitely needs to be and that's what you're looking for. I think that's what playing that position shall we go about. When you think when He gets hit in the knee on the very. Oh my gosh this that I had to decide right there you know. And I don't think it was intentional think that that was trying to do that I just make it happen that way. And obviously it was a flag on the play. -- -- -- -- Think you played OK you get to thirteen games to win or lose but gave up fourteen points didn't do some good things. Did I thought they played hard. I thought our defensive players respond and play hard. Up until towards the end I -- we lost our composure that I mean I can say they gave up fourteen points on offense we gave them fourteen points that's how they got 28. And that's that's a tough day's work for the defense we kept -- quite a bit because we weren't able to sustain drives or put points on the board so. I thought they did some good things but we still need to keep improving to him like you say it is a team game the first thing our guys would tell you is they had finally show my. You know because they don't score they can't win so we still need to get better as a football team room. It. Was an MRI on foot and can you share any light -- If there's a long term thing. Aren't you I don't unlike us and I'll know more as we go forward. I think He obviously we gonna have the foot -- that you know and and make sure structurally it's okay. And I I can tell you today exactly what is it other than when I say yes -- as a mid foot sprain. And now we'll take a great look at it as we go through this week but I'm open to get -- but I know one thing one of my plans for him to get him some rest this week. To get him back up and get him fresh as well obviously when Darren is Rolen is one of the best backs in this week so. When you get him healthy. First. Play games there right at DVD. It seems like no -- I was also not didn't throw that way now seems like whoever's on the route they go to when you tell those young guys that they have that target. Because that's gonna -- that there's just that's baptism into the National Football League when you play that position you know. I'm sure people pick on Stafford when He was as a rookie and -- -- anybody else I mean. Until you earned that right of playing the position you make plays people continue to do that and he's on a hot corner right now you got to make those plays. Excited interception came up physically fit a couple of guys at the moment you -- But He was -- this game. And He does He have. A hole and a starting position now prisons and commitment to -- Well we'll see through that get him back first you know once we get those guys back and do what kind of make that decision but I think he's improving. And I think He can still get better I mean obviously a huge interception. Made some plays are running game but the -- consistency is probably where Greg worked for him. You know a young player playing in this league for 657. Plays the game. You know there's probably five or six plays that He takes and perhaps. You know going gosh and that's what the pros is able to sustain that. That high level of play for all that those particular place and that's what He needs to get to he'll get that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I do. You know obviously -- -- up well we'll work with the doctor on I think he'll be closer to being ready to get there. I think I think -- so it is very close to him out of practice and play games. You have after the local -- tough loss. Double -- point hurting you you've seen doing your team right there. You know -- -- who do you need to do any of that kind of work after this blustery or does there. -- Yeah yeah He hasn't been. So I don't think you -- anything important -- guys being. You know -- after each other we've played it. You know and I think our players understand and I think we understand what expectations. Here which effectively and we did and we understand why. You don't play good you don't you know coach that you don't win so. We look at ourselves first you know and I don't put any body else -- can't see anyone. It evens out eating -- but we also know we were to do and we know that it was coming in here and you know week from this Sunday we can't be ready to play we will.

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