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Tue, 28 Aug 2012|

Matt Maiocco discusses the positives and negatives the 49ers' took away form the 29-24 victory in Denver.


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-- forty niners inside and that's Matt they'll go deep down in Santa Clara we need to focus on the defense right now Matt. Hey -- Saints won eleven anymore how concerned should we be without an utterly offensive. Playing well it's funny you should say that Jim let's take a step back to 2011. Third pre season game like you said the most important pre season game there is the 49ers gave up behind your -- in eighty yards passing to match job in the first half. They gave up 24 points the Houston Texans in that first half so all. I would tell you that maybe it's not that important. So when you look at. What the 49ers did Sunday certainly that defense did not play well but they're playing without an all pro Navarro Bowman they're playing with -- One of the top rookies in the season last year was Alden Smith. They're playing without their third quarterback. Chris -- and the -- guys did nine game plan which state they don't do that and in the pre season they pretty much play the kind of scheme that they have been practicing. And this is not specific to an individual opponents so. I is there must have to draw on this I think when you look at some of the breakdowns on defense of the individual breakdowns that's what you could draw on Larry Grant got beat he's a back up. Linebacker you got beat -- a long pass up from a back also. To remain Brock is battling for or role on the team. A role on that defense as an extra quarterback he was beaten several times so I think for those two guys. It's it's a lot more important -- -- both defense as a whole. That's lawyer aren't Saturday you can compare that have won eleven -- in the matters is that same script this season -- let's talk about some of those injuries. You mentioned the defensive side of the ball -- injuries now it's moving over to the offensive side of the ball. Ted Ginn junior -- turn on an end around play hurt his ankle just how serious is Ted Ginn right now. Well he's hobbling around and on Monday he's walking around with -- eight his right boot -- of those -- right foot and won his orthopedic boot so. We don't know yet if if he's going to be able to play September ninth. This is same ankle that kept him out of a couple of games late last season so it's kind of an iffy situation. So you know what that means a 49ers have a pretty clear cut number two punt returner and his name is Kyle Williams. It's interesting you bring that name up I'm Rotterdam on FaceBook on my FaceBook page today said what do you think because they use your article is kind of the baseline for this whole thing it's CSN Bay Area dot com. First response back again is well thought out Kyle Williams sort of working the week after the season he's back and ready to go. He's not gonna be bothered by concussions unhappy with Kyle Williams returning punts the next guy in the. Oh what about seventeen exclamation point is is I just got over his fumbles yesterday. Don't put in Kyle Williams are the niners comfortable with Kyle Williams yet they're comparable with them because he is or number two guy he's pretty clearly. The guy a back there who's that the second most comfortable. Returning kicks and in the Michael James is the guy they picked in the second round of the draft he didn't play with this last game. Now with an ankle injury of his own. But we as we saw in the game he gets it Texans if he's not ready he doesn't look real comfortable handle handling punts so. You know prayers don't have a whole lot of options back there in the wake Kyle Williams has returned to work and really put in the work back there and gotten more confident. He told me yesterday said I'm 100%. Sure of myself back there. Obviously you said forty niner fans are but they don't need to be yeah I think it's gonna be Kyle Williams probably on September ninth when the corners play at Lambeau Field. That's some aren't some still are though you never know he is he returns one for a touchdown everyone's gonna be on his side I finally position battles. In the running back position is loaded this year for the forty niners but the last game. That Anthony Dixon do some things to distinguish himself as a guy who just might be a roster worthy. Well it's going to be very difficult I mean I just don't see how he can make that team that. But as far as the running back position goes as the main contributor. I know Brandon Jacobs is still hobbling around with them left knee injury he's off of crutches before there's hope that he'll be ready. For the regular season opener but I mean look at their running back position you have. Frank Gore and Kendall Hunter I think you're pretty clearly the number two with the -- number two guys Pena Brandon Jacobs while Michael James Rock Cartwright. He's he's not going to be a big contributor on offense but the corners are looking for him. For special teams play. I think if they Dixon's only chance really of of -- earning a roster spots to take that duty away from Rock Cartwright to become a special teams specialist because I just don't see that carries. Available for any running backs beyond those first four guys. All right -- Mayo go ridge everyday at CSN Bay Area dot com thanks for your insights there on chronicle live and I think Jim.

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