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Fri, 13 Jan 2012|

Matt Maiocco and Mindi Bach provide their final thoughts before the 49ers' playoff showdown with the Saints.


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Matt -- -- Ibaka are last insolvent for 49ers for this week is a players know media availability on Friday the for their Saturday game against the Saints and if he had reduced. One word to sum up the atmosphere here and the players are ready -- I use the word relax what -- -- -- yes the they're pretty loose I remember early in the season. After they beat the Eagles came back here and they had a big game against Tampa Bay is one of those. Gains were OK let's see if that team -- was sort of an aberration or does he's for real and the Friday before their game. I thought they were I'm usually lose in the locker room and I remember thinking. Actually they didn't sort it all themselves -- they just getting got to get drilled by camp but because. The they think they're better than they are they just seemed really loose while they went out and drilled Tampa. It's so that's been sort of similar in there this week where you'd see guys and they're not having an ugly swing it from you know chandeliers or anything but. Date they use this there there's a confidence that. That you wouldn't necessarily expect to see from a team that hasn't been to the playoffs at such a long time. And that was my question for the players today only have a players on this roster have been to the post season before. What enables him to be so relaxed and Oliver said we've been winning me. We had a great game plans are confident the game plans are confident each other and they said so that's really given them that relaxed attitude almost more like a veteran team that's been the playoffs past. That's a disappointment because I mean when you think about how the team. -- Because he knows that his coaches are putting him in the best situations to succeed. And I think that -- if there's a lot of I think guys and defense are confident because they know that they're not just can be hung out to dry so. I think there's there's sort of a mutual confidence between players and coaches coaches and players. That's been sort of you it's it's been there the whole year it started in training camp and now. This is why they they play this is why they showed up in training camp you know and set forth and then the regular season to make it this far it's been an awful long time since they've. Been there at all an awful lot of awful football during that time that. Hey here they are it's one of the four -- play this week in the first game to kick it off and I think it's I think it's going to be very intriguing game one thing it's also noticeable is their energy that week off -- can see this week energy level is very high today -- you want Saturday people -- think about it they haven't played any instance was it. Music right and so that means that they have and hitting anybody -- they had pads on that. Tuesday. But they haven't had pads on it was just once in in two weeks and so I think they're. They're ready to go there and get out there and they're rested the only guy who won't be playing his Delanie Walker that's not a big surprise. I mean while the Saints they play the game last week and so there others. Banged up a little bit but I think that is part of the reason their confidence do I because they know that. They were you know I'm feeling good your feeling good that you know the guy who's blocking for me he's feeling good. Frank Gore is feeling good and that's that's the key there Frank -- a lot on his -- on Saturday and had a chance to speak to Ray McDonald he's at his hamstring feels great as well it wasn't as bad as a hamstring Australia earlier in the season houses -- this is his rights and he said it's probably not an issue. How many times to go in the playoffs with the team at full strength one player yeah he had a Delanie Walker that said I think you know foreigners rule. We'll keep doing what they're doing you know they're not gonna change Justin Peelle becomes the second tight end as he was in Saint Louis. They're gonna run the ball I think I think the formula is to run the ball but also. Alex missed and have some opportunities to make plays and there is that I think the Saints are going to. Being geared to stop Frank Gore that's what they're expecting their wanna make -- -- and now Alex Smith. There'll be times. That he he will have open receivers running on the field and I think that's going to be the key in this game as the others was what did you marvelous thing -- and he's 26 he's in the game. Now might be -- numbers five or six. There I had one thought that coming down here today and I was dragging -- because when they receive from Greg Norman and Jim Harbaugh policies and the and expect -- of the Giants game. Frank Gore had a strain 100 yard games in around it came out rally and the Giants stack the box. I wouldn't be surprised if the 49ers -- came out early in their first couple of drives. Throwing about catching that Saints defense off -- -- off guard a little bit and then rain francoeur I don't know it's just something that. This is what this team is done as they you have to be prepared for anything. No I don't I think that. Might be yet that make it happen but I think what you settle into the ball to regain its gonna be running I mean I don't think. Alex can be found 35 times I know that's not what you're saying but but yeah I mean you know first play of the game who knows you know -- who they might go to. But I think there eventually they're gonna sort of settle back to what they do well. And it's the 49ers do that which is play solid defense played outstanding special teams. And take care of the football I -- just think about the 49ers. Offense and how them held up for their office has helped the defense. Everybody says vice Versa right but think about. That the defense has always is always to thinning out a long field and I think the only time there's a short field the entire season. Was on the blocked -- in Seattle was at times in the other team really has to work to score points when. On the flip side a lot of times of forty -- get the ball in their first down away from being in David Akers field goal range. Final thoughts before we take our Friday -- his new media availability for the Saints game. Front four has to get to Drew Brees. To allow those guys to play coverage in the back in I think I think two of the key players are the foreigners. Two of the best players. Patrick Willis on defense huge game for him against Sproles in Jimmy Graham. I was in as the matters our energy that's -- matchup Imus intrigued by Patrick Willis has been taking on tight ends more this season his coverages and prove that any onside as a running back. They also has to contend with and this is going to be changed to match for Patrick yeah Patrick and also Frank Gore you know pass protection and running the football so. When you -- -- key matchup to. Two -- your two best players are two of your best three or four players on the team. Then I think perhaps had -- feel pretty pretty good then they have this game saint Patrick Willis is chance. -- frank Gore's hands. Kind of feel pretty good about it maybe that's why everybody's so loose around there Iran North Korea actually -- it does come to mind. Vernon Davis -- season hurting your seniors -- incredibly well if Roman Harper's injury he really is hampered and they have to deal with a healthy Frank Gore you've got Michael Crabtree the past couple games to say I've finally been healthy since the last six weeks. I think those guys can come into play a lot more than Frank Gore yeah I mean that's one of those you we haven't talked much about Vernon Davis because we've been talked a lot about Jimmy Graham I think. Nationwide. That's the way you know that's the tight and people are talking about it it. But Vernon I don't know if you've noticed -- might have a little bit of an ego -- a little bit right. When he left and. I I'm really you know I was they didn't need -- is a very confident and he doesn't have that seems to some did an excellent but I'm saying. And he he's taken on the field yet. He's taken notice of this apparently -- Jimmy Graham and I. I'm the guy you know who's who's establish you know but the year after year to year together so. I think. I think he's gonna be pretty motivated course if you don't get motivated for divisional round playoff game. When -- you every inning get motivated but hey I'm excited I guess I'll see you at candlestick on Saturday. Absolutely that's gonna do for us from forehand for nine this week about -- back next weekend policies Saturday at the game.

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