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11.30: Raiders practice -- Carson Palmer



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Wed, 30 Nov 2011|

Palmer talks about the Miami Dolphins' defense and the many looks he has to prepare for this week.


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Rivera and everything right now. A hot streak -- they want hero played Dallas we go all the way up until the very end of the game. But. To do everything they can rush the passer. They forced turnovers. Their play -- on -- different coverages that bring pressure. The job back at certain zones and revise the quarterback. And stop the run and limit big plays in the running game so it's it's. It's a very good defense and very underrated defense and it's gonna take our best effort my him to -- them. Played them probably every other year that I carefully yours yeah. And it's always it's always a very physical group. Their offense line's always very physical teams and they've run the ball really well especially when they had. Ronnie brown and and -- wildcat Q going. Foot foot deftly playing the best defense I've seen them play off. He -- be doing that hurdle and scored in the fourth quarter and yet we got them let them -- there. You guys players aware of. It. I out affair where. You know especially in that game is this course. But we anymore and he's good to finally get more points -- generate more points. In the red zone but also him just in the fourth street -- or in general. -- at this point in the year. Especially you know some of the games we have come when you generate more points there. You hate for the good numbers are good number to be yet this time here. But good numbers he's got in the race that war and for the division. But going all the way across country playing it's a good team that that's turn their season around and has found a way to win some big games and and really beat people. Physically. The games have been close they've won. So it's it's it's big for us. Gained 84 and and then having another road game two road games back back to back road games that are portraits. It's it's going to be a tough two weeks rest it. I think this team -- or. The situation. -- looking. I haven't thought about -- once Miami's two good. We have to look at their record thought about the record you just put on the film and there's no other team you can't think about you see Cameron Wake in his sleep at night. You're my bills playing as good safety as anybody in the league ball their corners are good. Very good. Karlos -- he's got a great linebackers nieces -- here and believe me it's it's a good group. And on this -- the ball or they're find ways to score points so. This team's outlook and any other game. And it was injured. Here you. There is no. My MLB and other normally. I think he's he's definitely the best punter in the league. Just as far as a teammate. -- -- a veteran professional. He does everything right he says the right things. It has an accurate kicker. I wouldn't put him in that mold. He's just a great team. You know they're both different but they're both different their own rights but she dresses -- great teammate disposable. Golfers perceive us to do what -- -- last couple weeks playing it I don't think chambers are played who's injured -- he's played. He's right you know playing at about 60% maybe 50%. That doesn't happen. And for him just suck it up and go up there and take two steps on the kick off and and -- -- -- -- -- you know it is you know team in the right position. And his defense and a you know with a shorter or longer field. For him to do after the team got guys recognized appreciate. -- Course it's been kind of a mismatch. You know just. We've had different guys have to step up. That was news -- for a rookie to have -- senator midway through the season midway through game twice. And and start a game that senator. That doesn't happen very often you'll find many guys can do that. And areas more -- -- great all year and then he goes down we just got to find your -- hazard. Islanders they were Bears it was some plays or. Brandon Myers -- his load you know jumped up quite a bit and he was forced to play a little more Marcel reasons -- more. So it's just kind of it doesn't matter what situation is what the personnel group is when your number's called out there on the field and do your job and no complaints I think it's something that's talked about. And I said something -- set and after. The Minnesota game for him going and play that well that game and allowed stadium and play that position. There are many centers that -- -- and easterners that. Are you first got here ourselves. We just. If you do it. Kind of in the same -- York and I I just met him. I've. Loved everything I've seen him and I hope to Seymour. So we'll see. But he's been a very pleasant surprise. He looks like fullback but he runs bigger receiver wants the ball in his hands of the ticket tailback so. He's kind of a chameleon -- you know whatever whatever we ask him to Atlanta in the backfield. -- three point stance a lineup as a receiver he'll do it and he can during the best. Does that help the versatility of guys like purses -- so help. The other stupid to get injured. Yeah I mean time you you know we are down. Three receivers at one point and for him to come -- players here. Just it doesn't shut down your office doesn't make you so one dimensional. Gives a good lineup and different formations and create different mismatches in different ways that you normally would. So it hasn't been a negative thing it's been a positive things -- -- so. Very good quarterback you salary. Wondering what development potential right in the back. Everything. I haven't been so busy and focused on them so many other things it. It's exciting to kind of player hours to think about when you have McFadden and bush on the field -- -- With Marius and Jacoby and maybe get in and series -- -- there there's a lot of speed. And two real physical fast guys minute there's a ton of different combinations we can get to do it. All start thinking about that in the course -- start you know getting getting into those those type of schemes and those type of plays and those guys are available not just been. To visit you really think too much about it. Very very good for life. It's hard -- careers it's. -- -- -- Yeah I don't know. If at all really realize it. You have to especially on Wednesday practice. You know you're playing its team its attendees dressed -- you know he got tired. You're doing you know installed -- all -- got pads on. -- -- is hitting. And I'm not getting touched. You got to find ways to make guys smile and realize that it's not just worked for us the game. They've got -- -- there. Doing what did he get like constantly. Music for me is why she -- it. Be yourself being paid on. Time. Yeah I mean at that point. There's so much at stake -- you don't really realize it. You know you're you're focused on your own game plan and just winning the game. And there's a chance that you win the Heisman Trophy and I don't think at least I didn't at that point you don't realize. What an opportunity it is. And I think that's the best way to go about it and I think too much about it and just focus on playing a game trying to win it not trying to. Severe quarterback not trying to throw for an extra yard here there for the ball into a tight window or through tailback try to break FedEx for a long run. She's just dive opening your your regards. But you just don't realize at the time and that you know you don't realize what. What a special thing it is to do when his team that -- it. I've only seen the difference in the route one. Q which didn't work in the unlikely event and I -- -- he -- You know going into the NFL it's not as big of a deal it's more of a deal going into the community and I think. Because from there on out here introduced as the 2000 whatever presidential winner. -- -- -- -- Most pissed off that they did when it mostly guys had a chance here you know there's a couple of guys locker room had a chance to talked about it one time so. That's not his bigger deals -- business you go back to your hometown your college. Or do things in the community it's just kind of yours and introduce probably curriculum. And of course -- not on here it's your players -- you. A lot of people knocking around him. You know line and hit and went to my returns. That's something that you just need to stay humble. Not letting go to your head because there's a lot of guys that. If you did you come out of sorts and out of your your normal game normal routine whatever that is. You can't you can't listen to when things are going bad don't read papers and things are going good don't read the papers. And I was taught along you're never as yours as they say you are never -- -- New -- so. You really can't focus about that just do what your coaches are asking -- do it don't go again. -- person in the Bay Area -- going on that act. I'm there I'm and you want to leave anything in the quarterback mix -- He's an injury. You know he's. Had a unbelievable career and an opportunity get a chance to put the national championship it. You know just record he's gonna look back on him you know probably -- good right now some point. Very proud of what he's accomplished. He's going to be great drove it really just a great combination arm strength speed quickness. It's going to repeat France's ability to react fast. You just have the puck and make big plays.

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