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9.16: Raiders practice -- Desmond Bryant

Mon, 1 Apr 2013|

Meet the new Bill. Same as the old Bill. Kevin Kolb . . . Ryan Fitzpatrick . . . what's the difference?

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  1. Rookie duo playing major role in preparation for Bills

    just. Observers. So we have to be who it would have to really be. Whereas whereas I don't feel. Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick ran the bills formations out of the shotgun most of the time is done so effectively to the tune of a league leading

  2. Brooks: 'Our defense is ballin'

    you know. That are technique overall. Well it. I'm at this point right now there will be this ball so there. Ryan Fitzpatrick comes into this game with a league leading twelve touchdown passes bounce at the very speedy CJ Spiller had a break

  3. Matt & Mindi -- Too many playmakers, a good problem to have

    four games this too many but also the big thing. You know one interception and there's in the one sack fumble. Ryan Fitzpatrick at four interceptions in the game against the Patriots and and Alex Smith is on pace to have four interceptions for

  4. 9.21: The Green Room -- The Raiders' tale of two halves

    going to lose. I tell you that they're better they're better than you. I was looking at them and I'm like OK Ryan Fitzpatrick don't give me this harbored as JT. Okay. But I don't know why he's got weapons go with that. The Raiders

  1. and both as a single to valley Christian center fielder linebacker Sam Yeah nice throws the one I think not six that grin Fitzpatrick helps their case with a single that Rihanna is old he scores on an error to tie the game later in the any runner at second

  2. Bills sign Kolb to replace Fitzpatrick as quarterback


    Mon, 1 Apr 2013

    Meet the new Bill. Same as the old Bill. Kevin Kolb . . . Ryan Fitzpatrick . . . what's the difference?

  3. Roundup: Wallace to Miami; Bills cut Fitzpatrick


    Tue, 12 Mar 2013

    Mike Wallace has a new home with the Dolphins, while Ryan Fitzpatrick is out of a job after being cut by the Bills.

  4. Bills open 2013 season by cutting Fitzpatrick


    Tue, 12 Mar 2013

    Ryan Fitzpatrick is now out of a job after being cut by the Bills.

  5. prejudiced under injury. Superbly welcome to chronicle live Larry Gloria. tell me about the three games you played last year Fitzpatrick went out and I'm I'm seeing you next to Navarro it looked like you didn't miss a beat you proved to me last year you

  6. secondary is going to be huge. For that that's got to go back on the defensive line they've got to put pressure on his of Fitzpatrick sat back all of last week they never touched him. Any quarterback in the league I don't care if your third string guy

  7. t you know what. Take the Raiders and I think it's because of the superior ground game. And I think that we won for Fitzpatrick was good against the team in Kansas City that was a little bit feeling struggled in the secondary. I know the Raiders do

  8. I'll return to the back page we have on the table and your from a Fitzpatrick when he played for the San Francisco Bay bombers at least a hard Meyer. They current member of the squad is whether got us some