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Tue, 1 Oct 2013|

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Is coming up that performance and now you're going up against Houston team that has had very good ranking as well also very good passing quarterback he struggled. -- what you see from him that at least you believe that they're gonna get back to where they were before those last in last. Mean -- -- competent offense you know they come up -- run the ball play action. Stretch cut everything off that so. To be a big game for us and we got -- reestablished we shut the run down. Number safeties up and there than normal stuff we usually try to do personal song so we say keep continue doing that -- back contractor saying listen this test. Hearing posture that much different running back and he plays last week what are his strengths event that has challenges for the defense. I dodged a tremendous run back and it falls blockers. You know -- scheme inside and out knows where the linebackers flown and so. Just as Smart all around talent to run backs -- Ryan Grant school. You look at quarterback like shot in your quarterback Carson went through struggle as well on his game back to basics what would be for he stand to get back contact with the Dolphins. Just not changes we are there a run boot play action team and I don't see him trying to be different come in here.

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    You know scheme inside and out knows where the linebackers flown and so. Just as Smart all around talent to run backs Ryan Grant school. You look at quarterback like shot in your quarterback Carson went through struggle as well on his game back

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    like Sox isn't going to be out this week you mean we didn't you got to yank balls than the guys who left. I mean Ryan Grant right resident that you know you can't him but you know we challenge is going to be in their foot in the passing game

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    are from here through cover for a year or. You know I'm not sure exactly how that how that went I just know that and Ryan Grant knee. Basically coming out of halftime and said that they had run and some test on him firm you get a naturally external

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    wind took 458 huge win indeed. Aaron Rodgers did from 28 of 42420. Yards four touchdowns. And a costly interceptions Ryan Grant eleven here 65 yards. That was big game again. That's just on the latest in the NFL playoffs and things Bay Area

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    Mon, 28 Oct 2013

    The Bears added quarterback Jordan Palmer and linebacker Larry Grant to their 53-man on Monday morning. The team waived tight end Steve Maneri and C.J. Wilson to make room for the duo.

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    The Seahawks have a history of pilfering ex-49ers. It should be no surprise that Seattle recently hosted Larry Grant and Tavares Gooden.

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    Grant Balfour is a free agent, and the A's hold options on Coco Crisp and Brett Anderson. Will any of the three be back in in 2014?

  4. you see transpiring in the ninth inning and after talking to. Grant and I Gary we came it's great club house but went on. I was ..... tense playoff game think it's gonna happen but. Talking to grant he said like Victor Martinez David deaths there. That's what

  5. that they now are raids in the night often times. think we do from your vantage point moment not out there with grant . just grant being you know he's a fiery guy he's gonna he's gonna yell and scream and he's geometry at himself and obviously

  6. energy throughout the entire game you yeah he's itching to see. Them. You know can be. Pretty tough. Atmosphere. Isn't grant home it's still and always. That our fans and me and kind of rile you up and any shake you a little bit but he really good

  7. Grant on they didn't really nice nice money he needs to eat eat eat there. It's. Pretty incredible women I think things. And I

  8. it got a deep bullpen. They feel pretty good about their leading combo of too little. Coach given the closer Grant Balfour now grant right I've struggled a little bit in September they weren't they weren't totally on top of their game

  9. Well on paper it made it look like deja Vu all over again in this I division series between the Tigers and the athletic that there some notable differences between the 2012 athletics and its 2013. Slot. Last year's team needed all 100 in 62 games just to make it's the play out. This time around if

  10. Yeah that's certainly. The top floor. What a great season You work on I know you've got to wait for the more dramatic today you were faster game. Talk about your season. Pitched a lot of times. The ball every time you were actually go out and what's this mean he used to be a champion again. And I

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    The A's bullpen has pitched Oakland to the brink of consecutive A.L. West titles, but lately Grant Balfour and Ryan cook have not been themselves.

  12. Forte teams up with Muscle Milk Recovery Grant Program


    Thu, 19 Sep 2013

    Bears running back Matt Forte teamed up with the Muscle Milk Recovery Grant Program to serve as a honorary coach at the Frederick Douglass Academy High School football practice on Monday.

  13. Instant Replay: Balfour blows save, A's fall to Angels in 11


    Wed, 18 Sep 2013

    Josh Hamilton took Grant Balfour deep in the ninth to tie it up, then added a sacrifice fly in extras to serve the A's a rare series defeat.

  14. Extra days off keeps Grant Balfour fresh


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    Before Saturday's game in Texas, Grant Balfour hadn't appeared in a save situation since Sept. 6. But that time off may have been key.

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    It's undeniable that Grant Balfour is making things hard on himself lately. But don't question his role as the team's closer, he might get angry.

  16. possibilities from the second area it certainly could be. Pleasant grove of oak grove. Folsom if that cut off there maybe grant if they're not cut off as well pleasant grove as we mentioned Burbank a second round brokerage. Are real heavy which in division

  17. innings of shutout baseball. Just the last couple times of grant and incurred just has a little bit more background with them ..... not going to be as good. And he's settled more history with grant but steamboat had a nice night for us today. Obviously can

  18. Instant Replay: Tigers strike for four in ninth to beat A's


    Thu, 29 Aug 2013

    The A's led 6-3 entering the ninth, but Torii Hunter's two-out, three-run shot off Grant Balfour gave the Tigers a 7-6 victory.

  19. regular season game. Better baseball now Nikkei is outlast the slugfest in Detroit beating the Tigers eight to 633. Saves for grant Belfour that is the most for today. Since 2006. Season streak at 37. Coco is on fire is 100 career home run. He's improving

  20. The RAGE continues!


    Mon, 26 Aug 2013

    Grant Balfour's not done, and neither are we! Come join us at the Value Deck this Authentic Fan Friday, August 30th, and bring the rage home with you.