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Redskins-Raiders matchup No. 3: Tony Pashos vs. Ryan Kerrigan



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Thu, 26 Sep 2013|

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Here we go with matchup number three for Sunday's game between the Raiders and the Redskins. And it features Redskins outside linebacker Ryan Kerrigan vs Raiders at right tackle Tony Pashos. Ryan Kerrigan has had a pretty good start to the season with three sacks two quarterback hits and five quarterback -- That's a lot of pressure which is something that -- just hasn't given up all season. As a matter of fact he only has one quarterback pressure in three games which is astonishing. Considering that this guys a little bit and Oakland raider for three and a half weeks and they've only played three games. He's been such a veteran presence on this line. He picked up this offense so quickly that no matter what he's going up against. He's done a great job of keeping. His pass rusher and -- -- and he's done well against the run too which should help on that outside now they haven't faced a truly dynamic 34 defense yet. And Kerrigan does have some speed which is something that -- -- may be lacking at this. Certain age in his career but I think that he's going to be able to handle this guy. And really they need -- just be able to handle Kerrigan one on one because if they can do that they can offer double teams across the line with. Brian Orakpo was should make things easier for that offensive front.

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    Aaron Kampman recently green bag. This is a team that's still needs to generate a better pass rush how many think Ryan Kerrigan the defense bent out of Purdue high motor guy you guys always talk about he's minute its impact. That division you

  1. that. As far as knowing when to pull the ball rolling and winning enough he's he's good at that. Yeah we think both TN Kerrigan are two elite rushers there are so we've got to be aware those two guys and and they create matchup issues they did last

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  11. sit out to me was the very first throwing session yet Brett Anderson on the bullpen mound right next to him. You had Andrew Kerrigan on the bullpen mound in a and it's kinda cool to see two guys both. Having recovered from Tommy John surgery both throwing

  12. bullpen was no. You know they can rest guys move guys. And they have their bullpen is a no question about what happened with Kerrigan . Elbow soreness just fell to pitch. And we didn't want to push it any further you know really was thrown the ball well

  13. left hander and it's been. It's been terrific you really have. But we talk about cal hill and Kerrigan both got in right away and Kerrigan a little bit of a struggle you talk about those two yeah. Yeah you know it's the reason. Did cal