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YSTL: Fantasy - Vernon Davis is king of inconsistency



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Sat, 19 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

I'm not rock. Got the set of the godfather with the black and white combo there that's nice yeah I'm actually -- Actually filming goodfellas to. But I don't mean that I -- -- -- I'll be all over it later -- let's get to our weekly conversations repositioned players and guys you like to see. In lineups and will begin at quarterback and it's an obvious one right. Well it's not so why is it. Was the beginning of the season and Tom Brady's the guy right now has been more Tom tepid then Tom terrific. For fantasy owners as he's looked at the quarterback that ranked outside the top twenty per game average. And the last sunny days the Jets in that monsoon in which animals being round up to bite to. Ideally -- for a 185 yards and a touchdown complete less than 3% of his passes -- is gonna be a different story I completely different game this time. Meadowlands I think he can throw for 300 yards and threw three touchdowns you've got brought back Brady hit it I mean every. Is going to be all good now with the New England Patriots. That he got his big -- available across the middle thought I get out like Tom Brady in the top ten play against this secondary Internet Marty company who really under achieved this season. Good choice under the radar so to speak on how about the running back position you're going with a guy from San Diego also A Fresno state along. That's right Ryan Mathews got that I just can't quit I absolutely -- him I have a fantastic feelings -- -- that I'm high openly admit that. I told my psychiatrist days and I just can't get -- out my head and -- it I'm going back to that well once again we'll get a hundred yard game last week a Monday night. Against the Indianapolis Colts and he's got what I think match up and I'm really under selling and it's it is. Absolutely superb. Going against the Jacksonville Jaguars from like giving up four point seven yards per carry to opposing running back in the fifth most fancy boys. I think he -- is up first consecutive. Hundred yard games since 2011. So get him in your lineup top fifteen player this week. You have already used to fantastic phrases in this -- segment so far. -- athletes and man tax take those -- got to be in the dictionary so as far as I'm concerned let's bring it back into the local angle obviously Vernon Davis had a career day just in the first half of last Sunday's game. Are you looking to put him back -- -- can he duplicate those efforts or at least get somewhere close this time around. You know why I -- -- Davis was dynamite does not long ago but this is the guy that I would not. What minded in all muscle behind necessarily there's a plug for muscle that there. This week either you look at the magic don't get the Tennessee -- is a very good secondary I think he's gonna continue being king of inconsistency much like college cap predict. Murder in the courting these two outstanding cover corners for the Tennessee Titans rank in the top ten. And pass coverage -- pro football focus -- specifically the guy can make up QB rating are right around thirty I think those guys are gonna kind of drool little bit with Vernon Davis covering him when he's out. Wide and also win the slot so I would expect. Luke -- result something maybe around five catches 65 yards about a touchdown don't bank on top ten members here this week. I -- in a Vernon Davis in the 49ers their opponent the Tennessee Titans. And you got -- on my fantasy team -- my future running backs is Chris Johnson he's been spectacular this season. But that's spectacularly awful up -- wow -- that is. Man and it -- the -- they used to be is done in fantasy land and he can't even. I baggage kids right now I mean you look at what he's done this season 44 runs. 01 yard or less that is the second most in the entire NFL only Doug Martin's been worse in that category and I get is if Frontline that there is -- 49ers. Now I think I would rather parachute maybe without a parachute -- with a -- candy and it's our Chris Johnson my fantasy team this week if you want to doing that please ready to go pro camera we loved to show that -- announced the top five. But at the -- might apply so -- going to be dynamite video for everybody Brad Evans thanks for your time. Appreciate it.

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