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2.25: NFL Combine- Stanford WR Ryan Whalen


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Fri, 25 Feb 2011|

Stanford WR Ryan Whalen discusses the possibility of playing for former coach Jim Harbaugh.


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Yeah maybe you know -- -- tell you know that's that's -- experience thus far. Really have anything to there's. Maybe the government parent. At that level of what's. Q can you envision lining up for the 49ers play forget our volume Jack you know that's. What's the foreigners from service providers and we'll. It's the -- -- it fitting into the NFL and your line. Mean how much are you prepared knows that you special teams can be a part of that. I've heard it. No that's a huge part of a lot of guys you know that's that's -- -- -- -- the fans. Once you guys. Prepared. And it certainly challenged and tried relentlessly. For us to get -- That's Russian.

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  1. a joke. I Donaldson has since three tweet that kind of show the love that which is nice actually Detroit Tigers manager Jim Whalen is that he also believes he was snubbed. He said it. This kid is an all star this year actually apologize for the fact they

  2. would have been a team to type guy. The delayed him to heal and rest some of those injuries you talk about. Right now Jim Whalen says sure there's a 100% which leads us to believe he's not a. That's not that no player yet you're gonna go out there

  3. fun for you know for me the author of our guys yours that has a lot of draft eligible guys you know for either of those who. Whalen and and Jeremy Stewart took just to throw the was really fun and I thought I've missed showed what I needed to show in rose

  4. Whalen is proud of what the team accomplished, and that he will miss playing with Andrew Luck.

  5. another fine performance from quarterback Andrew and I suppose it had to be kind of satisfying to hook up with your roommate Griff Whalen a couple of nice tosses including a touch That was a nice premier's first touchdown of Susan are works his butt off every

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