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12.19: DEN/OAK postgame -- Sam Williams


  1. Atlanta2:16
Tue, 26 Apr 2011|

Thomas Howard, teammate Sam Williams and Warriors' Reggie Williams test their wits against Anna Yates Elementary's finest young minds.


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Would agree I don't me I don't know how many and that's that that the -- -- It's more important -- find out. -- -- -- -- We'll do differently. -- -- The -- goes straight. Lives and lose. What we beat. You wanna win became the only -- that I brought tolerant Q well then maybe. -- And yeah. You already have. They make it an -- All they'll look over he felt Blanton. I don't. The question I. Well -- did our thing here. -- -- -- -- -- -- What about you -- about that. Atlanta. And I -- it. Yeah.

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    Thomas Howard, teammate Sam Williams and Warriors' Reggie Williams test their wits against Anna Yates Elementary's finest young minds.

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    Okay quick injury update Hubbard and McFadden Stewart Brian Waters. Sam Williams Jay Richardson did not practice. Kristiansen. Gotten. Stiffness tightness in an practice. And then fortunes didn't work this

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    on and nice. You know run fueled my stride terms of this flow of the game and you know not relax and It is in them. Sam Williams today hole and it regarding. Cribbs said. You know I can do it that's what he didn't. Talk trash talk just very

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    practice he's. Ellis practiced he's probable. Shaughnessy practice he's probable. practice he's probable Sam Williams I was still this morning did not practice he's. Question it. Go guys that it. It was. schedule that deception

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    raider coaching staff for doing in this game. With Sam Williams checking Jason Witten repeatedly that's a matchup ..... isolated a couple times for big now the news today is that Sam Williams is no longer going to be the Raiders strong side linebacker

  6. term for outside ligaments. That keeps the foot in line and suddenly it move out. My doctorate And you have to get Sam Williams a night most illustrated of. In people who look at. We're definitely colon shouldn't. You know I don't I don