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8.5: Samson Satele, RAW


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Fri, 30 Dec 2011|

Satele talks about what it would mean to him to see Michael Bush reach 1,000 rushing yards.


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As an offensive linemen obviously -- -- to win the game. Sunday it would happen but how satisfying was that because I like that was at a thousand yards degrees -- them. It's just time and the -- he knows the history here. And grandma movie to movie. This kind of quiet about it and certainly wants it and we wanted to and residents as an offensive line. Cut Pryce you guys taken something like that cause a lot of Newton on the moon won't yeah. Stop them. And he -- the world I don't know. He runs well and had a huge game against -- last 2000 something to get feed off of and then realize that OK until we do them newness and the -- Yeah yeah on a lot and colonialists will be honest and there's amount of assuming. Mentally for the.

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  1. Let me start with the injuries Sammy Satele and in the quad didn't finish. Mike Mitchell goal then I heard hamstring in the game. And I came out I think that you. I do

  2. eighteen. Play especially at I think he's done some really good things me and when we brought him in here because Samson Satele was an army team. At that time I thought He was going to be senator and He went to training camp. And his most natural

  3. I medical Satele limited part right did not participate. didn't average at the album and that. Brees did not participate Gordon-Levitt did

  4. another line here is there one position on the offensive line that most consistent and if so what does it. Compensated Samson Satele a senator has been the most consistent because he's the guy out there and he's. The quarterback on the line so

  5. excellence pride poise and just. Now the medical report. Obviously on all had a concussion He didn't finish. And Sammy Satele has seen him go out and comeback candidates again nature of our players but He He had some ribs but He miss this for any thing

  6. 9.20: Samson Satele , RAW


    Mon, 20 Sep 2010

    I mean it obviously an excellent taken. And it's harmless book. Right diagonal and I would guess he did and who have victims Nomo and you know I'm happy you know. It's. Injured or or not has not been minimized lampooned. The whole list myself cause you know get back in this room and I didn't. These

  7. arthroscopic procedure. I cannot tell you yet. He's not back after Tomlin but we'll know that you're pretty quick because. Satele she's got an ankle injury. It does not look to be serious. not force the issue there. Langston Walker held amount that

  8. confident and settled down a little bit don't feel pretty secure the win the world on your shoulders just play. You know Samson Satele . What's that had some really good moments I think there's some that are really build on such terms of stability

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