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YSTL: Was it a good idea for the 49ers to stand pat at deadline?



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Wed, 30 Oct 2013|

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-- let's go back to the 49ers and most NFL coaches like to reveal zero. They feel it doesn't help their cause Jim Harbaugh subscribes to that period but. With this being a bye week and -- and the 49ers just won their fifth straight game coach was and the prepare pretty good mood on Tuesday and he took on a variety of topics. -- -- rally was there. Finally back from London after a successful eleven game road trip coach Harbaugh addressed the media any chip premiered. But don't expect to -- me to make extracting. Any easier. In fact today's -- offered more deep tales about coach Harbaugh himself when he did the 49ers. Ranging from stories about his former Colts head coach. To high school now. Two when he ate in like that here's a taste. Yeah we'll do everything has some of the fish and chips and I don't know it. This -- food but it's just an outfield arms. News. Snapped a stale bread anymore. And it proclamations. That profound statements put. This is right on track there was really really need that was. It was quite a thing and it's a hasn't come like when my dad doesn't like you say it's Jack are going. To -- -- -- I guess. Nowhere -- get to Morrissey. A lesson. Truly know for sure. Very tiny ball or is I was surprised -- Marcus Lattimore birthday today happy birthday and just let him win twenty years. So you done that. 2000. Calculus. Yeah wedge. Good start I did share with that's one stat that they keep taking care rating could be the first player activated to the 53 man roster and about two hours following Harbaugh expressed their he lies. The forty niners did you waived linebacker Jermaine Cunningham to make rim. But the defensive tackle. In Santa -- I'm hearing cost rally Comcast sports net.

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    let's go back to the 49ers and most NFL coaches like to reveal ..... With this being a bye week and and the 49ers just won their fifth straight game ..... coach Harbaugh himself when he did the 49ers . Ranging from stories about his former

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  1. to lie on September 1. Two days later the 49ers him well enough to play against Indianapolis ..... September 22 so. I don't see any way that the 49ers keep this guy won the premiere pass rushes ..... weeks ago. Are you were in Europe with the 49ers the commissioner was there over the weekend

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    The 49ers didn't add from the outside at the trade deadline, but the roster will not remain static in the second half of the season.

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  9. now with the hang your topic toughen it out don't. I very efficient quarterback Tim cal last thing your Achilles heel for the 49ers what do they need to work on the most what's the problem area I think there's two big ones. Pass rush. If all the so

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    The 49ers wasted no time in London, putting the Jacksonville Jaguars away early with a combination of creativity and brute force.

  18. Guess the one great pass defense in the end really wasn't for these DB and yourself to really keep heading in his receivers off kilter. The us was we just let a lot of man and we know we felt I would mess over the world with those guys we know that we can anybody. Kind of leads and let a lot of man

  19. Wasn't a surprise who are expecting foreigners to run against jags and the run defense that you open up with a career line and 43 yard catch her and a lot higher that plagued him about. We've actually been right from the play for a while unknown one at that. She'll literally that a great job

  20. 49ers offense was rolling. Even before the 49ers got on the scoreboard they set the tone ..... one. In field goal range scoreless tie the 49ers decide not to the easy field goal instead ..... seven nothing but that play really showed the 49ers offensive What kind of confidence the