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Sun, 7 Aug 2011|

Maiocco reveals that Smith and Edwards aren't clicking yet, and that Patrick Willis was the star.


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This is -- in the -- for CSN Bay Area dot com usually I'm here with mending Mindy usually standing right here she's not here today which means. That I had no one to tell me. Then my outfit is downright goofy. Regardless today. Saturday was the 49ers. This padded practice at a six practices these guys are tired. Sunday they get a complete day off that means no practicing no meeting time nothing mandatory those guys are going to enjoy some time off to rest their bodies and rest their minds. Now on the practice field. Alex Smith -- went through another practice our -- the first team offense. Up and down a little bit I had the Braylon Edwards connection hasn't clicked yet. Braylon had a drop and there were some times where Braylon zig and outside He would -- so. That is something that certainly the opposite coaching staff and Braylon Edwards and Alex Smith are continuing to work up courses are out here on the practice field on Saturday. Patrick Willis of course it was Patrick Willis the guy can flat out play. Forced fumble Anthony Dixon and a short yardage situation. Made an interception the guy was tournaments all over the field. The office -- line it started to take C a little bit now. Alex Boone is a -- to keep an eye on -- guy who's had a difficult time. Getting on the field he's only suited up for one game in two seasons he's on the practice squad one year this year he's being. The relied upon to beat them back up tackle at both the right side and the left side -- I see in all of his action exclusively on the left side today. Joseph -- left practice a little bit early. Alex who stepped in and took over the duties now that's the reason that. Barry Sims who started seven games each of the past two seasons has not been resigned -- the 49ers want Alex Boone the young guy to take over. And I do -- he's he's a quite a story because He came to the 49ers -- undrafted. Considered a character risk since coming here touchdown on his weight. He admittedly has cut down on his drinking He says he's no longer drinking and swing in and doing all kinds of bad things he's turned his life ran so that's a good story. For the 49ers. Now -- today also the first day on the practice field for. Veteran safety Donte Whitner so He is going to be a true strong safety. And in you can tell that the guy multi hit there a couple times where He was right around reaction. And because these are his teammates He did it just blow somebody up including a red zone drill and Vernon Davis ended up catching a touchdown pass to Donte Whitner was right there. Could have put the big hit but of course fullback as deep as the players don't want to hurt their offensive teammates here training camp. Donte Whitner is a strong safety. In the past four years have done a lot of interchangeable safety strong safety free safety did they switch back and forth this year if Reggie Smith. Continues playing the way He is He will be the free safety he'll be playing center field Donte -- closer to the line of scrimmage the last -- with the bills the guy. Piled up a 140 tackles Dallas -- most tackles by any player in the NFL. Who's not He linebacker. So anyway Sunday a day off everybody can rest up. And they're gonna get back to work on Monday so practices Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and indeed. 49ers of 2011 Jim Harbaugh has forty that will be unveiled. Friday night.

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  1. Joseph left practice a little bit early. Alex who stepped in and took over the duties now that's the reason that. Barry Sims who started seven games each of the past two seasons has not been resigned the 49ers want Alex Boone the young guy to

  2. dominating pass rushers in the game only four guys in the league. Have more quarterback and and yes ten on the season Barry sims has stepped in this will be the start of the season for him after taking over for Joe Staley at left tackle and is not